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>CEC panel at the Air and Waste Management Associationís 90th Annual Meeting
>and Exhibition in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
>The CEC will be leading a half-day panel on North American air issues at the
>Air and Waste Management Associationís 90th Annual Meeting and Exhibition in
>Toronto at the Convention Center, from 1:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, 10
>June, 1997.
>The general purpose is to present a set of CEC air projects to conference
>and to introduce the CEC as a player on air issues of importance within the
>North American context.
>∑ Air Monitoring and Modeling Initiative-
>* Assessing the Long-range Transport of Ozone and its Precursors in the
>Northeastern United States and Eastern Canada
>® Present findings of a synthesis report characterizing the state of
>scientific analysis on the regional transport of ground-level ozone and its
>precursors within the northeastern United States and eastern Canada.
>® Distribution of the resolution endorsing this transboundary pilot project
>that came out of the New England Governors/Eastern Canadian Premiers meeting
>June 2-4.
>* Cooperative Development of an Air Quality Impact Information System for
>the NAFTA Transportation Corridor
>® Present background on the pilot project and overview the current state of
>analysis regarding increased transportation and air quality pressures along
>Interstate 35 as a result of NAFTA.
>® Report on currently available air quality data in the NAFTA Transportation
>® Summarize GIS design and initiative.
>∑ Air Emissions Inventory
>® The presentation will highlight the two phase approach of the project.
>Phase I will evaluate the compatibility of the Canadian emissions inventory
>database with the US model. Phase II will include the specifications and
>design of a methodology for interfacing the two databases and using the
>methodology to advance Mexicoís emissions inventory development.
>∑ Data Compatibility Report
>® The discussion will provide an overview of North American air quality
>networks, analysis of what each collects, and their compatibility.
>For additional information, please contact Angela Silvaroli of the CEC
>(514) 350-4300.  E-mail:  asilvaro@ccemtl.org
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