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Congressional Update


	Rochelle Sturtevant, Northeast-Midwest Senate Coalition's Great Lakes 
Task Force provided the following Congressional update:
     Sea Grant Reauthorization expected on the floor of the House sometime 
     the week of June 9.
     6/10 9:30am SD406 EPW Oversight on the Relationship between Federal 
     and State governments in enforcement of environmental laws
     6/11 9:30am SD366 Energy and Natural Resources oversight hearing on 
     the Land and Water Conservation Fund
     6/12 9:30am SD406 EPW Subcommittee hearing on Sec 404 of the Water 
     Pollution Control Act
     For those of you interested in Brownfields, check out the NE-MW web 
     site (http://www.nemw.org/brownleg.htm)  for a concise overview of the 
     major bills.
     Conference Report on the Budget (105-116) and on Recissions (105-119) 
     are now available.  
     Recissions tidbits:
        Military Environmental Restoration Programs (Army, Navy, AirForce,  
           Defense-wide, and former defense sites accounts) each rescinded  
        $20,000,000 provided for Army Corps flood control along the         
           Mississippi River
        $7,355,000 provided for Bureau of Reclamation facilities repair in  
           the west and upper midwest
        $2,500,000 provided to USFWS for wetland restoration on private     
           lands - for the purposes of storing water to mitigate flood      
        $5,300,000 provided for USFWS resource management
        $5,474,000 provided for USFWS construction account to be used in    
            IL, IN, IA, MN and WI
        Provisions in the House version rescinding funds for the Corps of   
                Engineers, NOAA fleet moernization, and the Wetland Reserve 
                Program were removed in Conference