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Coastal Engineering Research Board to meet in Chicago

     Coastal Engineering Research Board to meet in Chicago
         The Coastal Engineering Research Board (CERB), which provides 
     guidance for research and development in the field of coastal 
     engineering, will meet June 24-25, 1997, at the Holiday Inn Mart Plaza 
     in Chicago, Illinois.
         The Great Lakes and Ohio River Division, Great Lakes Regional 
     Office, and Chicago District are hosts to the Congressionally 
     authorized board that functions as an advisory board to the Chief of 
         Registration for the meeting is at 6:30 p.m., Monday, 
     June 23, or Tuesday morning, June 24, 1997, at the hotel.  The theme 
     of the meeting is "Coastal Engineering in the Great Lakes."
         The Board is comprised of four Corps of Engineers senior officers 
     and three civilian engineers/scientists who are eminent in the broad 
     field of coastal engineering.
         The CERB meeting is open to the public; however, because of 
     limited seating, advance notice of attendance is requested.  For more 
     information on the meeting or for attendance notification, call Ms. 
     Mari Cronberg, Public Affairs Office, at 312-353-6317.