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air-mail: APHA Press Release

>>June 25, 1997
>>CONTACT:        Carole Zimmerman, 202/789-5677
>>American Public Health Association Pleased With EPA Clean Air Standards
>>Washington, DC, June 25, 1997 -- The American Public Health Association
>>(APHA) is pleased with today's announcement by Environmental Protection
>>Agency (EPA) Administrator Carol Browner regarding the updating of the
>>nation's clean air standards for particulate matter and ozone.
>>This strengthening of air quality standards for particulate matter
>>(soot) and ozone (smog) will result in significant protections for
>>public health, especially our nation's most vulnerable - children, older
>>individuals, and those with heart and lung disease.
>>These standards are based on well-designed scientific studies that link
>>adverse health effects to fine particulate matter and to ozone.  In
>>addition, the process by which the standards were developed is public
>>health practice at its best -- good science, good judgment, and active
>>public participation.  Today's decision will help to protect children
>>and adults from illness, disability, and death, and reduce health care
>>costs by billions of dollars.
>>"The American Public Health Association strongly believes that this
>>updating of our nation's air quality standards is integral to protecting
>>public health," said APHA's President Dr. Barry Levy, MD, MPH. "These
>>stronger environmental health protections are an important step forward
>>in preventing the onset and exacerbation of air pollution-related
>>disease in our nation."
>>The American Public Health Association, the oldest and largest
>>organization of public health professionals, monitors and advocates
>>anti-smoking initiatives to protect the public health of children and
>>adults. This year APHA celebrates 125 years of leadership in public
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