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glwln press release update 7/1/97

Subject: Great Lakes Women's Leadership Network-Trainings

See schedule of trainings listed below:

Mission Statement:
   The Great Lakes Women's Leadership Network is a broadbased,
multicultural, intergenerational organization formed to mentor and support
Great Lake's Women. Through leadership skills training, education and
networking we seek to foster personal empowerment and social change.

The Great Lakes Women's Leadership Network project is sponsored by the
Environmental Association for Great Lakes Education and funded by the
Kellogg Foundation.

This ongoing project was originally started at a meeting of Great Lakes
Women in Lake Geneva in 1994. This meeting was followed by a women's
gathering at the 1995 International Joint Commission meeting in Duluth. 

As part of this project a Women's Caucus is scheduled for the 1997 IJC
meeting, scheduled to be held in Toronto, Ontario between October
31-November 2nd. 

The GLWLN project seeks to provide skills training as well as support for
women leaders and potential leaders around the Great Lakes basin.

GLWLN has three components: a fifteen member women advisory board made up
of women from the United States and Canada chosen from around the Great
Lakes Basin who attended a training in Chicago, Il, in March, 1997 to
formulated a leadership network structure; these women will hold trainings
on their own lakes between May - October (contact us at
lakes@cp.duluth.mn.us for the schedule of trainings); we will also compile
a directory of women with skills and issues expertise from around the Great
Lakes which will be available for free by December, 1997.

The first training was held in Duluth, MN on May 3rd with over 60 women
attending.  Below is a schedule of additional trainings as there will be a
total of 15 trainings, in both Canada and the United States over the next
several months. Trainings include: public speaking, working with media,
networking, yoga/self massage, leadership skills, and more.

Lake Michigan Training: Saturday, July 12th
Note: Limited to first 25 women
Lee Botts home, Indiana Dunes
Free, lunch provided (donations requested)
Contact: Liane Clorfene Casten for more information 847-869-9144
(Liane Clorfene Casten) lcasten@aol.com

Regional Training - Lake Michigan 
Saturday, Sept. 13
9:30 - 4:00 pm
Wauwatosa Public Library
76 and North Ave.
Milwaukee, WI
Contact: Kira  Henschel at Goblinfern@aol.com

Listing of future workshops will be sent out as they are scheduled.

We are also looking for volunteers to help organize regional trainings
if you are interested in helping please contact us at EAGLE.

For more information, contact us at above email address or

394 Lake Ave. South, #308
Duluth, MN 55802
218-726-1828(work and fax-call first)
Jan Conley and Debbie Ortman, Co-Directors

GLWLN Advisory Board Members (partial list):

Lake Superior:

Rosie Loeffler-Kemp
Duluth, MN  
218-722-8557 Work
218-722-1754 Fax

Lake Michigan:

Liane Clorfene Casten
Evanston, IL
847-869-9144 Home
847-869-9145 Fax

Nancy Kelly
Gary, IN
219-882-2995 Home

Lake Erie:

Monica Wroblewski 
Bartlett, IL
email:    Monica_Wroblewski@yr.com (through August 15)

Jeannine Ralph
Port Colborne, Ontario
905-685-1571 Work
905-685-5205 Fax

Lake Huron:

Joan D'Argo
Traverse City, MI
616-933-0121 Work/Fax (call)

Kathy Brosemer
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
705-945-1573 Work
705-945-0595 Fax

Lake Ontario:

Sandra Crockard
Toronto, Ontario
416-691-9370 Work
416-691-9582 Fax

Diane Heminway
Medina, NY
716-798-0111 Work
716-798-0146 Fax

At Large:

Kira Henschel
Milwaukee, WI
414-964-5758 Work
608-236-9111 Fax

Valerie Cromie
Niagara Falls, Ontario
905-374-8113 Work
905-374-5064 Fax

Monica Rogers
Grand Rapids, MI
616-771-3968 Work
616-771-4005 Fax

Jane Wilkins
Belfountain, Ontario
519-927-5924 Home
519-927-9828 Fax

Laura Rose Day
National Wildlife Federation
Ann Arbor, MI
313-769-351 Work
313-769-1449 Fax

Environmental Assoc. for Great Lakes Education
394 Lake Ave. South, #308
Duluth, MN 55802
(218) 726-1828
email: lakes@cp.duluth.mn.us
Debbie Ortman
Jan Conley