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Press Release - GLWLN updated 7/6/97

>Date: Wed, 02 Jul 1997 13:56:16 -0700
>To: e calendar
>From: Debby  Ortman <lakes@cp.duluth.mn.us>
>Subject: Press Release - GLWLN
>Below is a schedule of upcoming trainings for the Great Lakes Women's
Leadership Network - please post.Subject: Great Lakes Women's Leadership
>See schedule of trainings listed below:
>Mission Statement:
>   The Great Lakes Women's Leadership Network is a broadbased,
multicultural, intergenerational organization formed to mentor and support
Great Lake's Women. Through leadership skills training, education and
networking we seek to foster personal empowerment and social change.
>The Great Lakes Women's Leadership Network project is sponsored by the
Environmental Association for Great Lakes Education and funded by the
Kellogg Foundation.
>This ongoing project was originally started at a meeting of Great Lakes
Women in Lake Geneva in 1994. This meeting was followed by a women's
gathering at the 1995 International Joint Commission meeting in Duluth. 
>As part of this project a Women's Caucus is scheduled for the 1997 IJC
meeting, scheduled to be held in Toronto, Ontario between October
31-November 2nd. 
>The GLWLN project seeks to provide skills training as well as support for
women leaders and potential leaders around the Great Lakes basin.
>GLWLN has three components: a fifteen member women advisory board made up
of women from the United States and Canada chosen from around the Great
Lakes Basin who attended a training in Chicago, Il, in March, 1997 to
formulated a leadership network structure; these women will hold trainings
on their own lakes between May - October (contact us at
lakes@cp.duluth.mn.us for the schedule of trainings); we will also compile
a directory of women with skills and issues expertise from around the Great
Lakes which will be available for free by December, 1997.
>The first training was held in Duluth, MN on May 3rd with over 60 women
attending.  Below is a schedule of additional trainings as there will be a
total of 15 trainings, in both Canada and the United States over the next
several months. Trainings include: public speaking, working with media,
networking, yoga/self massage, leadership skills, and more.
>Lake Michigan Training: Saturday, July 12th
>Note: Limited to first 25 women
>Lee Botts home, Indiana Dunes
>Free, lunch provided (donations requested)
>Contact: Liane Clorfene Casten for more information 847-869-9144
>(Liane Clorfene Casten) lcasten@aol.com
>Regional Training - Lake Michigan 
>Saturday, Sept. 13
>9:30 - 4:00 pm
>Wauwatosa Public Library
>76 and North Ave.
>Milwaukee, WI
>Contact: Kira  Henschel at Goblinfern@aol.com
>Listing of future workshops will be sent out as they are scheduled.
>We are also looking for volunteers to help organize regional trainings
>if you are interested in helping please contact us at EAGLE.
>For more information, contact us at above email address or
>c/o EAGLE
>394 Lake Ave. South, #308
>Duluth, MN 55802
>218-726-1828(work and fax-call first)
>Jan Conley and Debbie Ortman, Co-Directors
>GLWLN Advisory Board Members (partial list):
>Lake Superior:
>Rosie Loeffler-Kemp
>Duluth, MN  
>218-722-8557 Work
>218-722-1754 Fax
>Lake Michigan:
>Liane Clorfene Casten
>Evanston, IL
>847-869-9144 Home
>847-869-9145 Fax
>Nancy Kelly
>Gary, IN
>219-882-2995 Home
>Lake Erie:
>Monica Wroblewski 
>Bartlett, IL
>email:    Monica_Wroblewski@yr.com (through August 15)
>Jeannine Ralph
>Port Colborne, Ontario
>905-685-1571 Work
>905-685-5205 Fax
>Lake Huron:
>Joan D'Argo
>Traverse City, MI
>616-933-0121 Work/Fax (call)
>Kathy Brosemer
>Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
>705-945-1573 Work
>705-945-0595 Fax
>Lake Ontario:
>Sandra Crockard
>Toronto, Ontario
>416-691-9370 Work
>416-691-9582 Fax
>Diane Heminway
>Medina, NY
>716-798-0111 Work
>716-798-0146 Fax
>At Large:
>Kira Henschel
>Milwaukee, WI
>414-964-5758 Work
>608-236-9111 Fax
>Valerie Cromie
>Niagara Falls, Ontario
>905-374-8113 Work
>905-374-5064 Fax
>Monica Rogers
>Grand Rapids, MI
>616-771-3968 Work
>616-771-4005 Fax
>Jane Wilkins
>Belfountain, Ontario
>519-927-5924 Home
>519-927-9828 Fax
>Laura Rose Day
>National Wildlife Federation
>Ann Arbor, MI
>313-769-351 Work
>313-769-1449 Fax
Environmental Assoc. for Great Lakes Education
394 Lake Ave. South, #308
Duluth, MN 55802
(218) 726-1828
email: lakes@cp.duluth.mn.us
Debbie Ortman
Jan Conley