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Northeast-Midwest Weekly Update -- 7 July 1997

                   Northeast-Midwest Institute

                          WEEKLY UPDATE

                           7 July 1997

                         TOP OF THE NEWS

     The Northeast-Midwest Institute on Wednesday, July 9, will
release a report examining federal spending in the 50 states by
department and agency on a per-capita basis.  The tables, including
special data for each of the 18 Northeast-Midwest states, enable
policymakers to identify the federal departments and agencies that
contribute significant amounts to their state economies; they also can
compare spending levels in their states relative to the rest of the
nation.  The report uses per-capita, or per-person, data to provide a
standard yardstick for these comparisons.

     In fiscal 1996, the Social Security Administration, the
Department of Health and Human Services, and the Department of
Education stood out as being among the federal departments and
agencies that spent the most per capita in the 18 Northeast-Midwest
states.  In contrast, although the per-capita spending rate for the
Department of Defense was above its national $815 average in
Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, and Maryland, the Department spent
more than double the amount on a per-capita basis in the South
($1,021) and West ($1,078) than it spent in the Northeast-Midwest
($418).  Also of note, despite the region's strong agricultural
tradition, the Department of Agriculture spent above its average of
$197 per capita only in Iowa and Minnesota.

     The report is available only to Institute subscribers and
reporters.  Later in July, the Institute expects to release its annual
analysis on the flow of federal funds, calculating each state's tax
burden and return on federal dollar.

     CONTACTS:  Alyssa Farber and Paula Duggan at the Northeast-
Midwest Institute (544-5200).

     On Thursday, July 10, the Great Lakes Governors and two Canadian
Premiers will visit the ALGONORTH, the bulker vessel housing the
largest ballast water filtration experiment which they made possible
through a grant from the Great Lakes Protection Fund.  A press
conference at the Metro Ship Yard will precede the vessel tour at
11:00 am EDT.  The Council of Great Lakes Governors' annual meeting in
Erie, Pennsylvania, provides the occasion for the event.

     Northeast-Midwest staffer, and co-lead of the Great Lakes Ballast
Technology Demonstration Project, Allegra Cangelosi will be on hand to
answer questions with project co-lead Rick Harkins of the Lake
Carriers' Association.

     Recently, the Great Lakes Protection Fund awarded the project
additional resources to evaluate the microbial content of vessels
entering the Great Lakes using advanced microbial detection

     CONTACT:  Allegra Cangelosi at the Northeast-Midwest Institute

     The Great Lakes Task Forces on Tuesday, July 8, will host a
briefing for congressional and state staff on the Great Waters Report
being released by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

     Congress in 1990 added a provision to the Clean Air Act calling
for a study of the link between air pollution and water quality in the
nation's "great waters," as well as a determination of the adequacy of
existing standards to protect public and environmental health.  The
Great Waters Report being released by EPA pays particular attention to
the air deposition of toxic substances into the Great Lakes and other
water bodies.  According to EPA, air deposition is responsible for 90
percent of the mercury pollution in Lake Superior, more than half of
the PCB contamination in the upper Great Lakes, and as much as 40
percent of the nitrogen pollution in the Chesapeake Bay.

     The report is expected to generate substantial controversy,
particularly noting that several environmental groups are holding a
press conference on it earlier in the day.  The Northeast-Midwest
briefing, limited to congressional and state staff, will be held on
Tuesday, July 8, from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm in room SC-4 of the U.S.
Capitol.  Speaking and answering questions will be the report's
authors and other EPA officials.

     CONTACT:  Rochelle Sturtevant at the Northeast-Midwest Senate
Coalition (224-4229).