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Michigan Natural Features Inventory Reports Availability Correction/Addition

Thank you to all who requested copies of the two publications by the
Michigan Natural Features Inventory:  1) "Michigan's Great Lakes Coastal
Wetlands:  Definition, Variability," and 2) "Classification and
Vegetative Response in Michigan's Great Lakes Marshes to Great Lakes
Water-Level Fluctuations."  Unfortunately, these are interim
publications not yet available for distribution.  Final reports will be
ready in December.  We're sorry for prematurely reporting their
availability.  Please contact Michigan Natural Features Inventory at
(517)335-4580 or Karen Holland at (312)353-2690 in December.

In the meantime, a new publication, "Great Lakes Bedrock Shores of
Michigan," is available from the Michigan Natural Features Inventory
(MNFI).  The publication provides recommendations for protecting bedrock
habitats based on inventories conducted from 1994 through 1996 in
northern Michigan.  Data on inventoried sites includes bedrock type,
size, location, ownership, plant communities and rare plants and
animals.  GLNPO will procure copies to distribute at the 1998 State of
the Lakes Ecosystem Conference (SOLEC) as a followup to the Land by the
Lakespaper from SOLEC 1996.  Contact MNFI staff at (517)335-4580 for
more information.