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NEWS RELEASE - Lake Superior Lakewatch Program

                         UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA SEA GRANT
                                   NEWS RELEASE

DATE:  7/8/97                        FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: Marie Sales
                                                         PHONE:  (218) 726-7677


If you sometimes cruise, paddle or sail on Lake Superior, consider taking a few 
moments to give the lake a checkup.  Over 50 volunteers from Minnesota, 
Michigan, Wisconsin, and Ontario have been doing just that for over six years 
through the Superior Lakewatch program.  

By becoming a member of Superior Lakewatch, you can help keep an eye on Lake 
SuperiorÕs water quality.  While out on the lake youÕll measure surface water 
temperature and water clarity using a thermometer and Secchi disk provided by 
the program.  YouÕll record this data along with other important information 
such as wind direction, cloud cover, and wave height in a log book.  Your data 
will then be compiled with data from Superior "Lakewatchers" from other states 
and Canada, establishing a useful long-term record that can be used by 
scientists studying the lake and by policy-makers and managers.  

Anyone interested in participating in Superior Lakewatch may contact Elaine 
Ruzycki, Minnesota Sea Grant, at (218) 726-8106 or Jay Sandal, Lake Superior 
Center, at (218) 720-3033.