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$103.3 Emergency Appropriations for FWS (fwd)

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For release June 27, 1997                    Hugh Vickery 202-208-1456
The FY 1997 Emergency Supplemental Appropriations bill signed by the 
President includes $103.3 million in funding for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife 
Service to repair damage to national wildlife refuges from natural 
disasters and other resources managed by the Service and to acquire land 
and water rights to mitigate damage caused by floods.
Out of the total, Congress designated $88 million for construction projects 
including road reconstruction, bridge rehabilitation, repair of levees and 
water control structures, and repair of visitors' facilities. 
The funds are distributed as follows:
$52.9 million to repair damage in California, Idaho,Nevada, Oregon, 
$7.3 million for work in Oklahoma and Texas;
$5.5 million for construction in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, and 
$5.1 million for work in Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and 
$1.7 million for construction in Maine, Massachusetts, and West Virginia; 
$15.5 million for work in Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Utah.
In addition, Congress designated $10 million for emergency acquisition of 
land and water rights and $5.3 million for technical assistance, fire 
restoration, fish replacement, and payments to private landowners for the 
use of lands to store water in restored wetlands.
"This has been a difficult year with many natural disasters," said John 
Rogers, Acting Director of the Service. "The money Congress has 
appropriated will allow the Service to address the significant damage to 
our facilities and to our Nation's fish and wildlife resources caused by 
these disasters."
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service manages 509 national wildlife refuges 
and 72 national fish hatcheries. Storm and flood damage occurred on 103 
refuges and 28 hatcheries.
The Service also enforces Federal wildlife laws, manages migratory bird 
populations, conserves and restores wildlife habitat such as wetlands, 
administers the Endangered Species Act, and oversees the Federal Aid 
program that funnels Federal excise taxes on angling and hunting equipment 
to state wildlife agencies.
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