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Second Great Waters Report to Congress Avaiable

GLIN community:

USEPA's Second "Great Waters" Report to Congress (June
1997) is now available via the Internet for download.  The web
address is:   http://www.epa.gov/oar/gr8water/

This report presents information about atmospheric
deposition of pollutants to the Great Waters based on the
scientific data available since publication of the First Report
to Congress (May 1994). The report focuses on research and
activities in specific waterbodies to further understand and
promote reductions of overall contaminant loadings to the
Great Waters (Great Lakes, Lake Champlain, Chesapeake
Bay, and specific coastal waters). In addition, this report
includes a brief discussion of EPA's draft determination of
the adequacy of CAA section 112 to protect the Great
Waters from deposition of hazardous air pollutant emissions
from domestic stationary sources.

Suzanne King
USEPA Region 5 
Air and Radiation Division