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July 21, 1997		Source: 	Leslie Dorworth 219 989-2726
			Contact:	Nancy Riggs
				Extension Communications Specialist
				(217)217 333 8055

Healthy Beaches Symposium Scheduled
	A National Healthy Beaches Symposium is scheduled for August 7, 1997, at
Dunes State Park in Chesterton, Indiana.  The Symposium is sponsored by the
Agency Task Force on E. coli.  High E. coli levels are frequently the cause
of beach closings.
	"This Symposium brings together scientists and policy makers from around
the nation," noted Leslie Dorworth, Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant aquatic
ecology specialist.  "Workshop participants will have an opportunity to
learn the most recent information available on this very important issue.
Additionally, the workshop site offers an opportunity to explore the Lake
Michigan dunes area."
	The one-day symposium will include presentations on the following topics by
nationally known experts:
 	storm water runoff
 	 health concerns related to swimming in contaminated waters
 	 septic systems
 	 monitoring issues
 	 sanitary discharges from boats
 	new E. coli analysis methods
	An afternoon panel discussion by experts from Indiana, Ohio and California
will address progress in their states toward solutions of problems created
by E. coli.
	Opening remarks will be delivered by Larry D. Macklin, director, Indiana
Department of Natural Resources, and Phillip E. Pope, director,
Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant Program.
	Although E. coli is found in human and animal digestive tracts and in
itself isn't considered a dangerous bacteria to healthy individuals, its
presence increases the possibility that other bacteria may be present. E.
coli is a worldwide problem and is of great concern to public health and the
economy, according to Richard Whitman, Chief, Lake Michigan Ecological
Research Station.  Whitman of the U. S. Geological Survey, Biological
Resources Division, has been studying E. coli for about 10 years and will be
a Symposium presenter.  
	Illinois-Indiana SeaGrant is funding research on E. coli and other Lake
Michigan water quality concerns,  and is a partner in the Inter-Agency Task
Force on E. coli.  The Task Force 
brings together local, state and federal agencies to share information and
address E. coli pollution.
	Registration fee is $30 and includes lunch and written materials.  To
register, or for more information, contact Leslie Dorworth, Illinois-Indiana
Sea Grant 219 989-2726.

Illinois Indiana Sea Grant one of 29 programs of the National Sea Grant
College Program created by Congress in 1966 to address marine and Great
Lakes needs to enhance sustainable coastal development.  Sea Grant is a
partnership of universities, government, business and industry.  Funding is
provided by the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration, U. S.
Department of Commerce, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, and the
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.	
Nancy Riggs, Public Information Manager
Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant
University of Illinois
63 Mumford Hall
Urbana, IL 61801
217 333-8055; nriggs@uiuc.edu