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Re: Confirmation Update (fwd)

Date: Fri, 25 Jul 97 12:06:32 -0700
From: rich_greenwood@mail.fws.gov
To: cratza@glc.org, holland.karen@epamail.epa.gov,
Subject: Re: Confirmation Update

Subject: Confirmation Update
Author:  Dan Ashe at 9AR~MAIN
Date:    07/24/97 12:41 PM

     This morning at about 9:30AM, the Senate Committee on Environment and 
     Public Works met to consider the nomination of Jamie Clark as Director 
     of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
     Senator Chafee opened the session with a strong statement of support 
     which was seconded by Senator Baucus who said, "I think she's great!"
     The nomination was seconded by a chorus of Senators and the vote was 
     unanimous with 12 Senators voting in favor and none opposed.  Those 
     who cast a vote were: Allard (R-CO); Baucus (D-MT); Inhofe (R-OK); 
     Hutchinson (R-AK); Ried (D-NV); Smith (R-NH); Thomas (R-WY); Wyden 
     (D-OR); Bond (R-MO); Graham (D-FL); Chafee (R-RI); and Sessions 
     The Committee has reported the nomination and it is clear to proceed to 
     the Senate floor for consideration by the full Senate.  Senator Chafee 
     has expressed his desire to have the nomination considered by the 
     Senate prior to the August recess.  Currently, we know of no obstacles, 
     except the short period of time remaining before the Senate is 
     scheduled to adjourn for the recess (August 1).
     Thought you'd be interested!