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[Fwd: Circumnavigation Of Lake Superior]

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Please circulate this information to members of your organization.

We are in the final throes of putting together a complete and detailed
circumnavigation of Lake Superior and plan to leave sometime around the
middle of August.

	We will be leaving from the Duluth Harbor and will begin the trip by
following the south shore of the lake.  We will be stopping periodically
to videograph points of interest as part of a documentary we will
produce after the trip is completed.   We will be keeping a detailed
ship's log of the adventure as well as graphing a detailed map of the
Lake Superior shoreline utilizing a combined GPS system and sonar. We
will proceed to circumnavigate the entire lake within one mile of the
shoreline, returning to our point of origin sometime in mid to

	We will be using a new 36 foot cruiser for the expedition.   	My crew
will consist of myself and a retired school teacher who is a Great Lakes
Historian, photographer, videographer, and seasoned mariner.

	What makes our proposed trip somewhat unusual is that it is
multi-faceted.  We will be collecting water samples for the Lake
Superior Center, we will have a satellite link with the Internet to
provide information, daily up dates, and answer questions from school
children who will be following our progress.  We will be carefully
observing and studying the environmental and ecological aspects of the
lake in proximity to its' shores for other scientific groups around the
lake, not looking for trouble, but rather looking at the overall health
of the lake and hopefully being able to, at some point, make suggestions
for improving the quality of the lake.  No doubt, upon completion of the
voyage we will have a great deal of information to disseminate.

	It is our plan to make our documentation of the circumnavigation of
Lake Superior, three dimensional.  The first dimension will be by boat
in close proximity to its' shore.  Then as a licensed pilot I will fly
over that same entire shoreline and intermix the airborne video films
with those we have already taken from the water.  The third dimension
will be by land to study and film the shore itself in questionable areas
where the ecology and/or environmental factors seem to be at risk.  We
hope that we will be able to provide information to the scientific
community as well as the general public that is new, interesting, and
factual regarding many aspects of Lake Superior, its' heritage, and its'

	In view of the information I have just presented.  We would like to
offer our services to your organization if you have any special issues
you would like us to include in our agenda.  Please submit your
"shopping list" to me at my E-Mail address:  IceSci@ix.netcom.com 

Sincerely Yours,
Travis Anderson
Travis Anderson
Tall Waters Expedition

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