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Call for Presentations -- 1997 GLIN Conference

Dear GLIN Community:

This is a reminder to submit your presentation abstracts for the 1997
GLIN Conference.  Abstracts will be accepted through Thursday, July 31,
1997, and should be approximately 100 words in length.  For more
information, see the Call for Presentations announcement below.

We look forward to receiving your abstracts!


1997 GLIN Conference: Making the Net Work for You
October 23-24, 1997
Chicago Illinois

Call for Presentations and Registration Information

Join us for the 1997 GLIN Conference, October 23-24, 1997, in Chicago,
Illinois. All sessions will be held at the University of Chicago
Center, located on the downtown campus of the Graduate School of
Registration for the full conference is $75 (US); one-day registration
$60 (US); registration fees will be waived for presenters.

Special sessions will serve the interests of the following Internet
in the Great Lakes region:

    1. Public agency webmasters
    2. Economic development and manufacturing community
    3. Natural resources and environmental community
    4. Research community

If you are a member of one of these four communities and use the
to enhance productivity, we invite you to submit a presentation abstract

on any of the topics listed below:

Topic 1. Case Studies: Innovative and Practical Solutions
        How have innovative uses of the Internet affected your agency or

organization? Describe these innovations, consider their pros and cons
magnitude of impact. What are the lessons learned? Technical and/or
content-based solutions welcomed.

Topic 2. Internet-based Building Blocks for Collaboration
        Are you a member of a multi-agency or multi-organization
project or forum working toward a common goal and making use of the
Internet to work together more effectively? Do you use the Internet to
enhance public outreach and participation? Discuss these uses, the costs

and benefits, and plans for improving collaboration online.

Topic 3. New Directions
        What are the future roles of Internet services as tools for
decision making and public access to information and knowledge? Examine
areas such as cost recovery and funding, content restrictions, the web
a place of doing business, and public outreach.

Guidelines for Abstract Submission

Submit an abstract (approximately 100 words) for each presentation by
31, 1997, to the

    Great Lakes Commission
    Argus II Building
    400 Fourth St.
    Ann Arbor, MI 48103-4816
    Fax: 313-665-4370
    E-mail: glc@great-lakes.net

Include contact information, topic number, and your presentation's
Invitations to speak will be announced August 29, 1997.

Low GLIN Conference registration fees are made possible thanks to
support provided by U.S. EPA Great Lakes National Program Office,
Environment Canada, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Ameritech

For more information contact GLIN Director Carol Ratza, cratza@glc.org,
313-665-9135, or visit the GLIN Conference Web site, linked from the
homepage at: