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Northeast-Midwest Weekly Update -- 28 July 1997

                          WEEKLY UPDATE

                           28 July 1997

                         TOP OF THE NEWS

      The Senate Appropriations Committee last week approved a bill
that would fund the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
at $1 billion in fiscal 1998 and $1.2 billion in fiscal 1999.  The
Appropriations Committee also agreed to provide $300 million in
emergency funds for fiscal 1998.  The bill is not expected to be
debated on the Senate floor until September.  Fifty-five senators on
July 18 had signed a Northeast-Midwest Senate Coalition letter to the
Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor, HHS, and Education requesting
$1.2 billion in LIHEAP funds for fiscal 1998 and $1.2 billion in
fiscal 1999.

     The Appropriation Committee's recommendation for fiscal 1998
matches the regular appropriation for fiscal 1997, as well as the
president's budget request.  However, the panel's fiscal 1999
recommendation is $200 million above the president's request and
provides a positive indication that funding for the program will go up
in future years. The House Appropriations Committee has proposed
funding the program at $1 billion in fiscal 1998 and $1 billion in
fiscal 1999.

     CONTACT:  Geoff Brown, at the Northeast-Midwest Senate Coalition

     The Senate Task Force on Manufacturing on Thursday, July 31, will
host a briefing on the optoelectronics industry, which uses light
pulses instead of electric pulses to transmit data or voice
communications.  The United States has pioneered the technology, but
Japan is becoming the premier device and systems supplier.  Technology
leadership will affect the nation's ability to compete in all portions
of the electronics market.

     Optoelectronic firms are clustered in Illinois, Massachusetts,
Connecticut, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Arizona, California, and
New Mexico.

     Speaking at the briefing will be Dr. Arpad Berg, president of the
Optoelectronics Industry Development Association. He will discuss what
needs to be done to bring optoelectronics component and systems
manufacturing back to the United States.

     The session will begin on Thursday, July 31, at 11:30 am in room
520 of the Hart Senate Office Building.

     CONTACT:  Geoff Brown at the Northeast-Midwest Senate Coalition

     The Senate Appropriations Committee last week marked up several
bills that include programs of interest to the Northeast-Midwest
region.  Below is a sampling of such programs.  Senate floor action
may occur this week or in early September.  Numbers below are in
millions of dollars.

                                        PRESIDENT'S    HOUSE   SENATE
                                 FISCAL      FISCAL   FISCAL   FISCAL
                                   1997        1998     1998     1998

Manufacturing Extension
  Partnership                      95.0       123.4    113.5   111.04
Trade Adjustment Assistance         8.5         9.5      9.5      9.5
Weatherization                    120.9       154.0    123.9    128.9
Office of Industrial Technology
  (Dept. of Energy)               117.6       139.6    125.0    124.4
Energy Information
  Administration                   66.1        62.8     61.8     62.8
JTPA Dislocated Workers         1,034.4     1,080.4  1,080.4  1,350.0
Adult Learning                    895.0     1,064.0  1,064.0    955.0
Coastal Zone Management            46.2        65.7     55.0     49.7
Sea Grant Program                  54.3        50.2     55.3     58.0
Amtrak Northeast Corridor         175.0       223.4    250.0    273.4