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CELRD-GL-E-EW-Q                                              July 29, 1997

                  Calendar of Environmental Meetings,
                 Workshops, Symposia and Conferences

                               - 1997 -

July 28-August 1 - International Workshop: Dredged Material Beneficial
Uses, sponsored by USACE, in Baltimore, MD.  POC:

July 31 - Innovative Financing for Energy Efficiency; Investing in Our
Manufacturing Future, a workshop sponsored by the Dept. Of Energy and
Northeast Midwest Institute, in Chicago, IL.  POC: juli.pollitt@hq.doe.gov

August 5 - Acoustic Core Workshop, sponsored by USEPA, in Grosse Ile.,
MI.  POC: jcf@lloyd.grl.epa.gov

August 7 - National Symposium on E. Coli, sponsored by Inter-Agency
Technical Task Force on E. Coli, Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant and Indiana
DNR, in northwest Indiana.  POC: dorworth@calumet.purdue.edu

August 12-14 - Principles and Practices for Water Quality and Limnological
Studies, a workshop for USACE water quality and resource managers, in
Lake Hartwell, SC.  POC: richard.a.long@usace.army.mil

August 13-14 - Great Lakes Regional Pollution Prevention Roundtable
Meeting: P2 and Sustainable Development, in Minneapolis, MN.  POC:

August 15 - Options for Addressing Contaminated Sediments in Upper
Peninsula Waters, workshop sponsored by the Statewide Public Advisory
Council for Michigan's Area of Concern Program and the Torch Lake
Public Action Council, in Houghton, MI.  POC: mdoss@glc.org

August 18-22 - Tri-Service CADD/GIS/FM  97 Symposium, sponsored by
USACE, in St. Louis, MO.  POC: johnmapps@aol.com   

August 25-28 - EPA Multi-Regional Meeting on Water Quality Standards,
Water Quality Criteria, and Water Quality-Based Permitting, in St. Louis,
MO.  POC: Liz Hiett, 703-385-6000

August 26-28 - Process Engineer On-Site Technology Demonstration
Workshop on the Ott/Story/Cordova Superfund Treatment Process,
sponsored by the Corps and Michigan DEQ, in Grand Rapids, MI.  POC:

August 27-30 - 24th Annual Natural Areas Conference and Exotic Pest
Plant Council Conference, sponsored by NRCS, in Portland, OR.  POC:
Kathleen Berquist, 503-579-2920

September 3-5 - Brownfields  97-Partnering for a Greener Tomorrow,
sponsored by USEPA et al, in Kansas City, MO.  POC: 888-795-4684

September 8-12 - CE-QUAL-W2 Workshop, presented by the Corps of
Engineers, in Portland, OR.  POC: tcole@lasher.wes.army.mil

September 10 - Zebra mussels: Lessons learned in the Great Lakes, A
nationwide videoconference, sponsored by IL/IN Sea Grant and Purdue
University.  POC: r-goettel@uiuc.edu

September 18-20 - Ohio Lake Erie Conference, sponsored by Ohio Lake
Erie Commission and the International Joint Commission, in Cleveland,
OH.  POC: 419-245-2514

September 20 - Great Lakes Beach Sweep, organized by Center for Marine
Conservation, at many locations.  POC: http://www.cmc-ocean.org

September 30-October 1 -  Fourth Meeting of the Great Lakes Dredging
Team, in Chicago, IL.  POC:  Steve Thorp, 313-665-9135, sthorp@glc.org

October 2-3 -  Annual Meeting of the Great Lakes Commission, in Chicago,
IL.  POC:  Mike Donahue, 313-665-9135, mdonahue@glc.org   

October 3 - Sustainable Development Forum V; A Northwest Indiana
Perspective, sponsored by USGS-BRD, USEPA et al, in Gary, IN.  POC:

October 15-19 - 51st National Preservation Conference, sponsored by the
National Trust for Historic Preservation, in Santa Fe, NM.  POC: 800-944-6847

October 18-22 - WEFTEC  97, 70th Annual Conference of Water
Environment Federation, in Chicago.  POC: 800-666-0206

October 23-24 - 1997 Great Lakes Information Network (GLIN)
Conference, sponsored by the Great Lakes Commission, USEPA, Corps,
Environment Canada, and Ameritech Foundation, in Chicago, IL.  POC:

October 28-30 - Annual Conference of U.S. Section of the Permanent
International Association of Navigation Congresses (PIANC), in
Wilmington, NC.  POC: 703-428-6286

October 31 - IJC Roundtable, sponsored by the International Joint
Commission, in Niagara Falls, Ontario.  POC:  

November 1-2 - Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement Public Forum,
sponsored by the International Joint Commission, in Niagara Falls,
Ontario.  POC: http://www.great-lakes.net:2000/partners/ijc/ijchome.html

November 18-21 - Annual Meeting of National Association of Flood and
Stormwater Management Agencies, in Lake Buena Vista, FL.  POC: 202-218-4122.

December 3-5 - 3rd Annual SERDP (Strategic Environmental Research and
Development Program) Symposium, sponsored by DOD, EPA, DOE, in
Washington DC.  POC: 703-736-4548,   http://www.hgl.com/serdp/

December 3-6 - 17th International Symposium of North American Lake
Management Society, in Houston, TX.  POC: rddoyle@gte.net   

December 7-10 - 59th Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference, theme
"Conservation and management of cold-blooded animals," in Milwaukee,
WI.  POC: hayr@dnr.state.wi.us  CALL FOR PAPERS until June 30

                           - 1998 -

March 20-29 - Wetlands Engineering and River Restoration, a specialty
conference sponsored by the ASCE, in Denver, CO.  POC:

April 19-23 - First Federal Interagency Hydrologic Modeling Conference,
theme: "Bridging the gap between technology and implementation of
surface water quantity and quality models in the next century," in Las
Vegas, NV.  POC:  ming.tseng@usace.army.mil 

May 3-6 - Watershed Management: Moving from Theory to
Implementation, a specialty conference sponsored by the Water
Environment Federation, in Denver, CO.  POC: gmcnelly@wef.org   CALL
FOR ABSTRACTS until June 16

May 27-30 - Seventh International Symposium on Society and Natural
Resource Management, in Columbia, MO, POC: Sandy Rikoon (Rural
Sociology), ssrsjsr@muccmail.missouri.edu  or Charlie Nilon (Fisheries &
Wildlife), snrnilon@mizzou1.missouri.edu  

June 6-10 - 25th Annual Conference on Water Resources Planning and
Management, sponsored by American Society of Civil Engineers, in
Chicago.  POC: 800-548-2723

June 6-10 - 1998 National Conference on Environmental Engineering, in
Chicago.  POC: Dr. Cecil Lue-Hing, 312-751-5190.

June 28-July 2 - World Dredging Congress, WODCON XV, in Las Vegas. 
POC: Larry Patella, 503-285-5521  

This calendar is an unofficial compilation of environmental meetings,
seminars, conferences, workshops, and symposia distributed over email
monthly by the Corps of Engineers, Great Lakes Regional Office...formerly
known as North Central Division.  If you have an event to be listed, or
want to be added to the distribution, send a message to:

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