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1997 Lake Erie Protection Fund Grant Recipients to be Selected

Ohio Lake Erie Office
Press Release
July 31, 1997
For Information Contact:
Debbie Katterheinrich, Public Information Specialist
E-mail: oleo@great-lakes.net

Ohio Lake Erie Commission to Select Grant
Recipients at August 13 Special Meeting 

The Ohio Lake Erie Commission will hold a special meeting on August 13, 1997 at 10:30 a.m. in Columbus to review Lake Erie Protection Fund grant proposals and select this year's grant recipients.  The meeting will be held at Ohio EPA - Hazardous Waste Facility Board Hearing Room, 1700 WaterMark Drive, 1st Floor in Columbus.

The Ohio Lake Erie Commission will review funding proposals for the implementation grant cycle focusing on Lake Erie, its shoreline and watersheds.  Commission members will then select this year's grant recipients.  The Commission has earmarked $500,000 for this grant cycle.

The Commission will select this year's grantees based on projects which best address the following implementation issues:  Lake Erie ecosystem changes, coastal management, nonpoint pollution and pollution prevention.  Grants are awarded through the Lake Erie Protection Fund, which is supported through payments from the Great Lakes Protection Fund, Lake Erie License Plate Program, Erie?Our Great Lake  credit card program, donations and bequests.
For more information regarding this special meeting, please contact the Ohio Lake Erie Office at (419)245-2514 or e-mail: oleo@great-lakes.net

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