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Mission Control, We Have Liftoff! (fwd)

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Date: Wed, 06 Aug 97 21:03:38 -0700
From: rich_greenwood@mail.fws.gov
Subject: Mission Control, We Have Liftoff!

Subject: Mission Control, We Have Liftoff!
From:    Dan Ashe at 9AR~MAIN
Date:    7/31/97  8:10 PM

     Just moments ago, the Senate took up and passed by unanimous consent 
     Calendar Item #201 on the Executive Calendar -- the nomination of 
     Jamie Rappaport Clark as Director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife 
     Congratulations Fish and Wildlife Service!
     They adjourned, however, without considering the National Wildlife 
     Refuge System Improvement Act, despite the fact that the amendments 
     and floor colloquys had all been worked out.  I think the refuge bill 
     got caught up in some last minute, and unrelated, temper tantrums.  I 
     think it will pass promptly when the Senate reconvenes in September 
     but it would have been nice to get it done now.  Oh well, something 
     for the new Director to work on!
     Thought you'd be interested!