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More Internet for Enviros--Advanced, Great Lakes Groups

        Announcing Advanced Level Internet Workshops
        for Environmental Coalitions and their member organizations
        in the Great Lakes Basin

The Environmental Support Center's Great Lakes Networking Project will
sponsor and conduct four advanced level workshops on internet tools or
resources for advocacy, action, education or whatever a coalition has in
mind.  This advanced series caps a workshop training effort of introductory
and intermediate events throughout the Great Lakes Basins.  Locations of the
Advanced level workshops will also take place in the Great Lakes area but
specific locations will be determined by the applicant Coalition.

ESC invites Coalitions to apply for a customized advanced workshop to be
conducted at or near one of their coalition meetings or conferences before
the end of November 1997.  ESC will cover the expense of training and
trainers for the accepted applicant Coalitions workshop.  Specific
eligibility requirements exist in the full information flyer available via
email.  Coalitions will need to determine their unique needs relevant to
internet technologies, how they would impact on their environnmental
objectives, and the internet tools, skills that will be helpful in this
regard.  ESC will facilitate the design and implementation of a workshop
that will target those objectives.

More information and the application form is available from only one place
at this time -- so please make note:  

Information and the Application Form is available by auto-reply mailer at
the following mailbot email address -- glnp-info@envsc.org.  Send a blank
message to this address and the responding email message will supply you
with the flyer in text form.

Application deadline is September 2nd and it must be submitted by email.

If you wish to make an inquiry by phone or by direct email please make note
that only after August 25th will this be possible.

Clark E. Forden, Project Manager
Great Lakes Networking Project of the Environmental Support Center
4420 Connecticut Ave NW, Suite 200, Washington DC 20008 USA
+1(202)966-9834, Fax +1(202)966-4398
Email glnp@envsc.org    Web www.envsc.org

"Electronic technology itself is not good or bad.  It is how we use it.  So
let's make good use of it as a tool for positive and progressive benefit to
all living beings."