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Pennisi's got big picture!

Fellow lovers of the Great Lakes:

    There are so many of you to reach with this news (which many of you have
already heard), that thank goodness for glin-announce (Yea, Great Lakes

    After 17 years of working for the sake of the Great Lakes with two Sea
Grant Programs (first New York, now Illinois-Indiana), starting this Friday,
Aug. 22, I'm "launching" out of Sea Grant to help fulfill a vision I've had for
over a decade - to make the Great Lakes region more aware of the powerful
capabilities of satellite remote sensing to in turn help better manage and use
the Great Lakes.

    First, I'll be taking some addtional classes working towards a Ph.D. to
increase my expertise in this field of digital imagery taken from space. Also,
I will be attempting to start a non-profit organization to increase the
knowledge of many Great Lakes practitioners - like those of you involved in
fisheries, coastal processes, erosion and mapping, water condition concerns,
water quality, disaster preparedness and relief, and aquatic habitat management
- with the many products and services provided via the NOAA satellites,
RadarSat, the various high spatial resolution satellites (one soon to be
launched can depict an object 3 meters (9 ft.) wide and now the new water color
sensors, the Japanese OCTS, and the just launched SeaWIFs; there's more, but
you get the idea.

    So temporarily, starting this Friday, Aug. 22, until I get better
established (enough funding) I will be working out of my home at:

199 Brentwood
Des Plaines, IL 60016
Phone: 847-699-1162
Fax: same, call first
Email: j-pennisi@neiu.edu (my husband's which can be accessed at home)

    So, you know where to reach me if you think satellite imagery may help
solve your problem. If I don't know the answer, I probably know someone who
does. Don't hesitate to call, because if enough funding doesn't come soon, I
may to have to start charging for this service!

Chris @... (for at least another day):

Chris Pennisi                     "A vision without a task is a dream;
Marine Extension Educator           a task without a vision is a
University of Illinois              drudgery; but, a vision with a
2320 W. Peterson Ave.               task is the hope of the world".
Chicago, IL 60659
Email: PennisiC@idea.ag.uiuc.edu    Inscription from a 17th
Phone: 773-761-5099                       Century English church
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