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Great Lakes Islands Report Available Soon

Announcement of August 20, 1997

The first State of the Great Lakes Islands report will be available this
Fall.  This is the first report ever published about the islands of the
Great Lakes.  The report is based on a set of papers given at last year's
U.S.-Canada Great Lakes Islands Workshop.  The workshop was attended by 35
U.S. and Canadian researchers, policymakers, and islanders.  The papers include:

*The Global Significance of Great Lakes Islands by Susan Crispin, The Nature
*Biodiversity of Michigan's Great Lakes Islands:  Knowledge, Threats,
Protection by Judith D. Soule, Ph.D., Michigan Natural Features Inventory
*Conservation Programs by George Francis, Ph.D., University of Waterloo
*Great Lakes Island Biogeography Studies by Thomas Nudds, Ph.D., University
of Guelph
*The Importance of Great Lakes Islands as Nesting Habitat for Colonial
Hans Blokpoel, Canadian Wildlife Service, and W. C. Scharf, Ph.D.,
Ecological Inventory
The Importance of Great Lakes Islands to Neotropical Migrant Birds by
William C.  Scharf, Ph.D., Ecosystem Inventory
*Wildlife Issues on Great Lakes Islands by Francesca Cuthbert, Ph.D.,
University of Minnesota
*Islands and Human Culture by David Synder, Apostle Islands National Park
*Thousand Islands Ecosystem Project by Mary Alice Snetsinger, Parks Canada,
Thousand Islands National Park
*The Littoral, a New Vision for the Eastern Georgian Bay by Patrick Northey,
Georgian Bay Association
*The International Alvar Conservation Initiative by Susan Crispin, The
Nature Conservancy
*Wilderness Management Issues at Isle Royale National Park by Linda
Witkowski, Isle Royale National Park
*The Land Trust Movement in Canada  by Angus McLeod, Parks Canada
*The Biosphere Reserve Model in Relation to Lake Superior Islands by Robert
Brander, National Park Service
*Vegetation Monitoring for the Grand Island National Recreation Area by
Sylvia Taylor, Michigan Natural Areas Council
*Agricultural Preservation on Old Mission Peninsula by Gordon Hayward,
Peninsula Township

The attractive 100-page publication has a color photograph cover and
includes findings and recommendations of workshop participants.  You can
order advance discounted copies by sending a $15 check per copy (to cover
the publication, sales tax, postage, and handling) made out to "Michigan
State University" by September 15th to:

Great Lakes Island Project
Michigan State University
328 Natural Resources Building
East Lansing, MI 48824-1222

An executive summary will also be available for no charge and can be ordered
at the above address.  The work of the Great Lakes Island Project is being
funded by the Michigan Coastal Management Program and NOAA, and is housed in
Michigan State University's Department of Resource Development.  Contact
Karen Vigmostad, Director, Great Lakes Island Project, with any questions.
Visit the island home page at http://rdserv1.rd.msu.edu/islands, call
517/347-2652, FAX 517/353-8994, or email vigmo@pilot.msu.edu.