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GLIN's September SITE OF THE MONTH: GLIN's new Hydrology Section,
developed with assistance from the region's hydrology experts

Looking for the latest data on water levels in the Great Lakes? Donít
miss the new GLIN hydrology section. With rising water levels, interest
is surging on lake levels, precipitation and outflow data and
information. Thanks to guidance from the Coordinating  Committee on
Great Lakes Basic Hydraulic and Hydrologic Data, the GLIN hydrology
section has been greatly enhanced to provide one convenient location to
access hydrology information from the many different agencies
responsible for its collection and dissemination. Interactive maps
provide the most recent water levels data for the different gauging
stations; some as often as every six minutes. The site also links to
forecasted and historical data, and includes overviews on various
hydrologic topics from the region's experts. And there's more to come in
the months ahead. Take a look, and send comments to me at