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Indiana Archaeology Week news release (fwd)

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Date: Wed, 03 Sep 1997 09:59:45 -0600
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Subject: Indiana Archaeology Week news release

Indiana Department of Natural Resources
402 W. Washington St. W255 B
Indianapolis, IN 46204-2748


Dr. Rick Jones, Historic Preservation & Archaeology, 317/232-1646
Stephen Sellers, Public Information, 317/233-3046

Indiana Archaeology Week is Sept. 15-21
Activities are open to amateurs and professionals

	Professional and amateur archaeologists, historians and several
Department of Natural Resources Divisions have teamed up for the 1997
Indiana Archaeology Week, Sept. 15-21, to present more than 60 public
activities around Indiana.
	The DNR’s Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology (DHPA), is
coordinating Indiana’s second annual Archaeology Week. With the
financial support of organizations such as the National Park Service and
the Indiana Humanities Council, the DHPA has produced a number of
educational materials for the public. 	
	Archaeology Week is designed to promote the science of archaeology and
to stimulate public interest and participation.

A Sample of Archaeology Week Activities 

* Sept. 20 — Archaeology Week Focal Day- 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., Indiana
Government Center South Auditorium, Indianapolis. Professional
archaeologists present information, both for professionals and the
general public, about current archaeological projects, research and laws
protecting archaeology sites in Indiana. Contact Division of Historic
Preservation & Archaeology at 317/232-1646.

* Sept. 21 — In conjunction with the University of Indianapolis, several
educational sessions for the public and avocationals will be presented.
These sessions, which may be registered for on the day of the sessions,
are planned for those 18 years or older. Some of the current topics to
be covered include prehistoric and historic ceramics, lithics, and
historic cemeteries. The location is the Archeology & Forensics
Laboratory (Room 008 in Good Hall) at the University of Indianapolis,
1400 E. Hanna Avenue, Indianapolis. Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.. Contact:
Dr. Rick Jones of the Division of Historic Preservation & Archaeology at
317/232-1646 or Dr. Stephen Nawrocki at 317/788-3486.

* Sept. 16 — Public lecture at 7 p.m. at the Alexandrian Public Library
in Mt. Vernon, Indiana. Dr. Mark F. Seeman, Kent State University, will
present “The GE Mound: The Hopewell Past Stirs a Modern Controversy in
Posey County, Indiana.” Dr. Seeman is a leading authority on the
Hopewell culture, and a question and answer session will follow the
lecture. Contact Cheryl Munson at 812/855-0528.

* Sept. 15-19- The Archaeological Resources Management Service (Ball
State University) will conduct archaeological investigations at a
prehistoric earthwork in Baker Park in New Castle, Indiana. Hours: 9
a.m. to 3 p.m., and the public is welcome to visit. Contact Beth McCord
or Donald Cochran at 765/285-5328. 

* Sept. 20-21- Native American Days. The 15th annual Native American
Days celebration at Angel Mounds State Historic Site in Evansville,
Indiana, provides a first-hand look into the culture of the early
Mississippians through crafts, demonstrations, activities, and games.
This two-day family festival is held from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission is
free; parking is $5. The site is located at 8215 Pollack Ave. Angel
Mounds State Historic Site is part of the Indiana State Museum and
Historic Sites Division, Department of Natural Resources. For event
information call 812/853-3956.

	Several DNR divisions are participating in the week’s activities,
including the Indiana State Museum & Historic Sites, Forestry, State
Parks & Reservoirs and Fish & Wildlife.
	More information on Archaeology Week activities can be found on the
Department of Natural Resources Internet location:
http://www.ai.org/dnr, or by calling the Division of Historic
Preservation & Archaeology at 317/232-1646, or by calling the contact
person listed for the event.