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Northeast-Midwest Weekly Update -- 3 September 1997

                          WEEKLY UPDATE

                         3 September 1997

                         TOP OF THE NEWS

     The Senate on Tuesday, September 2, is expected to take up the
Labor-HHS appropriations bill, which includes funding for the Low
Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).  Senator Jon Kyl (R-
AZ) is expected to introduce an amendment to cut LIHEAP funding.

     The Senate Appropriations Committee's bill would fund LIHEAP at
$1 billion in fiscal 1998 and $1.2 billion in fiscal 1999.  The panel
also agreed to provide $300 million in emergency funds for fiscal
1998.  Fifty-five senators on July 18 had signed a Northeast-Midwest
Senate Coalition letter to the appropriations panel requesting $1.2
billion in LIHEAP funds for fiscal 1998 and $1.2 billion in fiscal

     The Appropriation Committee's recommendation for fiscal 1998
matches the regular appropriation for fiscal 1997, as well as the
president's budget request.  However, the panel's fiscal 1999
recommendation is $200 million above the president's request and
provides a positive indication that funding for the program will go up
in future years. The House Appropriations Committee has proposed
funding the program at $1 billion in fiscal 1997 and $1 billion in
fiscal 1999.

     CONTACT:  Geoff Brown, at the Northeast-Midwest Senate Coalition

     The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency from September 3-5 will
host in Kansas City, Missouri, its annual conference on the cleanup
and redevelopment of contaminated industrial sites.  The Northeast-
Midwest Institute is a sponsor, and Charles Bartsch and Elizabeth
Collaton will be speaking or moderating panels at the event.

     Some 1,000 individuals are expected to learn about the latest
policy initiatives from government officials, to talk with
redevelopment experts, and to examine the new cleanup technologies.  
The conference will occur at the Kansas City Convention Center.

     CONTACTS:  Charles Bartsch and Elizabeth Collaton at the
Northeast-Midwest Institute (544-5200).

     The Great Lakes Protection Fund is inviting proposals for
business plans that link retail competition in the restructured
electricity markets to improved health for the Great Lakes ecosystem. 
The Fund will award up to $2 million to help implement one or more
business plans that provide consumers scientifically sound and
objective ways to use the health of the Great Lakes ecosystem as a
criterion in their selection of electric power products and services.

     The Fund will accept 3-5 page concept papers until December 1,
1997.  Successful applicants then will be invited to submit full
project proposals.  The Fund anticipates a July 1998 announcement of

     More information on the Fund's RFP can be obtained from