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News release from Indiana DNR (fwd)

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Date: Wed, 03 Sep 1997 13:32:30 -0600
From: Steve Polston <steve_polston_at_dnrlan@ima.isd.state.in.us>
Subject: News release from Indiana DNR

Indiana Department of Natural Resources
402 W. Washington St. W255 B
Indianapolis, IN 46204-2748

For Immediate Release: September 3, 1997
For More Information: Michael Neyer, Division of Water, 317/232-4160

Applications for DNR water construction permits go on-line

	Homeowners and businesses who need permits to construct along Indiana’s
waterways and lakes can now apply on-line through the Internet,
Department of Natural Resources Director Larry Macklin announced today.
The joint electronic project between the DNR and Access Indiana, state
government’s official website, also provides Internet users with instant
access to a database of more than 13,000 permit applications filed with
the DNR during the past 10 years.
	“Applying on-line to construct in the floodway or on lakes is easy and
it is fast. A computer program helps people file the application
correctly the first time, enabling DNR staff to reduce the permit
processing time by up to one month,” Macklin said.
	“We believe DNR is the first state government agency in the country to
use the World Wide Web to process applications for permits. We
anticipate that, within a year, a large number of water construction
applications filed annually will be submitted through the Internet,”
Macklin said.
	The application form is located on the DNR Division of Water’s home
page at www.ai.org/dnr/water. The application form prompts the applicant
to complete all relevant sections before the application can be filed.
Easy to understand directions are included on the application form, and
a 150 page on-line manual provides the applicant with definitions and
technical assistance. 
	A permit application database is updated at each phase of the
application review process. Customers will be able to track the progress
of their application by using their personal computer to tap into the
	Indiana state laws require permits from the DNR for construction along
waterways and lakes to make sure the building projects do not increase
flooding; harm fish, wildlife and botanical resources; harm the natural
resources and scenic beauty of lakes; or threaten the safety of life and
	Following submission to the DNR, all applications are open to public
review and comment. Landowners adjacent to the proposed site are
notified of the application and interested parties may petition for a
public hearing. Applications are reviewed by DNR technical and
environmental staff before a permit is issued or denied.
	“The on-line permit project helps make government services more
accessible to the public. Initially, most applications will be filed by
engineering firms working for a variety of customers. As more homeowners
join the computer age, the percent of applications filed through the
Internet will increase,” Macklin said.