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Chicago Division Office of the Army Corps of Engineers


As some of you may remember, the ACoE plan for restructuring which was 
approved last year called for the combination of the former North Central 
(NCD) and Ohio River Divisions (ORD) into the Great Lakes and Ohio River 
Division (LRD), with division headquarters offices to be retained in both 
Chicago and Cincinnati.  Responsibilities for oversight of the Upper 
Mississippi districts were moved from the former NCD to the Mississippi 
Valley Division.  Major savings were (and are) expected to accrue from the 

In response to concerns about the relative roles that the two headquarters 
offices (Chicago and Cincinnati) would play in the restructured division, 
members of the House and Senate Great Lakes Task Forces recently wrote to 
Lieutenant General Ballard inquiring as to the progress of the 
restructuring plan.  

LTG Ballard confirmed that ACoE intent is to maintain both of the division 
headquarters offices, with cuts to be made in proportion to the remaining 
workload.  The five year guidance plan calls for an overall reduction of 
40% in funding for the LRD, over and above funds transfered to the 
Mississippi Valley Division for oversight of programs moved to that 
jurisdicition.  Transfer of these progams accounts for appoximately 50% of 
the budget of the former NCD.  To date, reductions in staff in the Chicago 
office have been the result of voluntary retirement or reassignment.  These 
reductions do not reflect the ultimate configuration of staffing for the 
two offices.  The Division Commander has been assigned to Cincinnati.  Mr. 
Dwight Beranek, Director of Engineering and Technical Services and the most 
senior civilian leader in the division, has been designated to reside in 
Chicago.  LTG Ballard assures that the present Commander and all functional 
chiefs are committed to maintaining a division-wide focus.

While implementation of the restructuring plan is still very much a 
'work-in-progress' these assurances from ACoE headquarters indicate that 
the process will move forward in an equitable fashion.

For more information please contact:
Rochelle Sturtevant
Coordinator, Senate Great Lakes Task Force