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Special Announcement

The Earth Network for Sustainable Development

The Earth Council is pleased to announce the availability of several new
reports and multimedia resources related to sustainable development 
produced for the Rio+5 Forum and Follow-up process.  

1. - Implementing Sustainable Development

A three volume report summarizing the Rio+5 Consultation process and
Forum, including "Experiences and Recommendations from National and
Regional Consultations for the Rio+5 Forum"  (67 national reports, 11
regional reports), "Summaries of Special Focus Reports Prepared for the 
Rio+5 Forum" (87 reports prepared by Rio+5 partner organizations and
individuals from around the world), "Proceedings of the Rio+5 Forum"
(March 13-19, 1997 - including workshop summaries, discussions and
special presentations)
All three volumes are available on the Earth Network website at
http://www.ecouncil.ac.cr.  They are also available individually by
special request via e-mail or FTP (in hypertext format, browser

2. - Subsidizing Unsustainable Development: Undermining the Earth with
Public Funds 

This report, prepared by André de Moor of the Dutch Institute for
Research on Public Expenditure and commisioned by the Earth Council,
found that subsidies from the public purse in just four sectors --
water, agriculture, energy and road transportation -- are now costing
the world upwards of $700 billion, or as much as the arms race.  A
central finding of the report is that far too many subsidies no longer
serve their original purposes and that many now support and encourage
development that is unsustainable in both environmental and economic

The report is available for US$9.50 (including shipping) from the Earth
Council Institute-Canada.  Tel: (416) 203-8601 / Fax: (416)
203-7837/e-mail: ecfoster@web.net

The full technical report produced for this project as well as other
reports related to Economic Incentives can be found on the Earth Network
website at: http://www.ecouncil.ac.cr/econ

3. - The Ecological Footprints of Nations: How Much Nature Do They Use?
How Much Nature Do They Have? 

To make sustainability work, we need to monitor whether we live within
ecological capacity.  This "Footprints of  Nations" report -- by Mathis
Wackernagel, Larry Onisto, et al., Centre for Sustainability Studies,
Universidad Anáhuac de Xalapa, Mexico -- compares the ecological impact
of 52 large nations, inhabited by 80 percent of the world population. It
also shows to what extent their consumption can be supported by their
local ecological capacity.  One key finding is that today, humanity as a
whole uses over one-third more resources and eco-services than nature
can regenerate.  In 1992, this ecological deficit was only one quarter. 

The report is available on the Earth Council website and includes a
downloadable version with datafiles in EXCEL 4.0 format that show
calculations for the "ecological footprints" for each country included
in the study. This report can be found at:

4. - The Rio+5 Virtual Forum - multi-media archives

The Rio+5 Forum lasted seven days (March 13-19, 1997) and included the
participation of more than 500 civil-society representatives who played
active roles in the Rio+5 preparatory process.  Throughout the weeklong
event, the Earth Council, in partnership with the International
Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), provided on-line
"participants" with daily announcements, workshop summaries, speeches
and presentations.  This information was provided in text format with
many events also broadcast LIVE over the Internet using RealAudio.   

Since the Forum, the Earth Council has expanded its selection of
RealAudio files to almost 25 hours and has begun processing RealVideo
coverage of the event as well.

To date, our RealAudio and RealVideo Presentations on-line include:

-  Rio+5: From Agenda to Action (15 min.)
-  Dr. Israel Klabin - Rio+5 Co-Chair and President, Brazilian
   for Sustainable Development (8 min.)
-  Maurice Strong - Earth Council and Rio+5 Chairman (14 min.)
-  Bella Abzug - President, WEDO (15 min.)
-  William Sims, Together Foundation (10 min.)
-  Rene Castro - Minister of Environment and Energy, Costa Rica (8 min.
/ in Spanish)
-  James Gustave Speth - UNDP Administrator (22 min.)
-  Mikhail Gorbachev - President, Green Cross International (32 min. /
in Russian)
-  Mercedes Sosa - Singer, Social Activist (4 min. / in Spanish)
-  Jim MacNeill - Chairman, International Institute for Sustainable
Development (8 min.)

Additional RealAudio and RealVideo coverage of the Rio+5 Forum and other 
Earth Council initiatives is available on our "Multi-media Showcase" page
at http://www.ecouncil.ac.cr/realmedia or throughout the Rio+5 website. 
To listen to and/or watch any of these presentations, you will need a 
multi-media computer with the RealMedia Player installed.  The RealMedia 
Player is free and can be downloaded from a link on our website.

For more information about the above products and services, please
contact the Earth Council at: earthnet@terra.ecouncil.ac.cr, or visit
the Earth Network homepage at: http://www.ecouncil.ac.cr