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New Aquatic Nuisance Species Publications

For Immediate Release
September 23, 1997
Contact: Matt Doss      
Phone: 313-665-9135      						
Fax: 313-665-4370
Email: mdoss@glc.org

New publications focus on aquatic nuisance species research, education

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — The Great Lakes Panel on Aquatic Nuisance Species has 
released four new publications addressing aquatic nuisance species and 
their effects on the Great Lakes and other inland and coastal waters.

Inventories are now available listing research and information/education 
materials on aquatic nuisance species in the Great Lakes region. Both 
reports also include detailed, panel-approved recommendations for 
strengthening regional ANS research and public education efforts.

The panel’s highly popular Biological Invasions brochure has been updated 
and reprinted. This full-color publication provides a comprehensive 
overview of the ANS issue and is ideal for communicating with both 
policymakers and the general public.

In addition, the panel has released its 1996 annual report, which 
summarizes panel initiatives as well as the ANS-related activities of 
federal, state, and provincial agencies and organizations in the Great 
Lakes Basin.

Aquatic nuisance species pose a serious and growing threat to the Great 
Lakes Basin ecosystem. Exotic animals and plants, such as the zebra 
mussel, ruffe and purple loosestrife, have widespread effects on native 
species as well as documented economic impacts.

According to Panel Chair Mark Coscarelli of Michigan’s Department of 
Environmental Quality, Great Lakes jurisdictions have been at the 
forefront of efforts to control aquatic nuisance species and minimize 
their effects. ‘‘These publications highlight our accomplishments and the 
challenges we face,” he says. ‘‘As other regions confront the ANS threat, 
I urge them to learn from the Great Lakes experience and take advantage 
of the resources available to address this critical issue.’’

Please see complete descriptions of the publications, cost, and ordering 
information below.

**Aquatic Nuisance Species Research Relevant to the Great Lakes Basin: 
Research Guidance and Descriptive Inventory. A descriptive listing of 250 
ANS-related research projects and a series of detailed findings and 
recommendations concerning research gaps and needs related to the 
collective, regional research effort. Intended for agencies and 
institutions that conduct, manage, fund or apply aquatic nuisance species 
research. 125 pages, plus appendices. Cost: $15 U.S./$20 Can.

**Aquatic Nuisance Species Information and Education Materials Relevant 
to the Great Lakes Basin: Recommendations and Descriptive Inventory. 
Descriptive listing of 292 publications, including brochures, fact 
sheets, posters, signs, reports, classroom/audio-visual materials, 
newsletters and public service announcements. Topics addressed include 
the major aquatic nuisance species in the Great Lakes, as well as ANS 
policies and regulations, ballast water management, monitoring, and 
prevention and control. The report is intended for agencies, 
organizations and other entities involved in ANS public information and 
outreach. 69 pages, plus appendices. Cost: $15 U.S./$20 Can.

**Biological Invasions. Provides a comprehensive overview of how aquatic 
nuisance species are entering North American waters, their environmental 
and economic impacts, and recommendations for strengthening prevention 
and control efforts. Originally published in 1996, this eight-page, 
full-color brochure has been updated and reprinted to reflect the passage 
of the National Invasive Species Act and other recent developments. Cost: 
First copy free, additional copies $1 with a 10 percent discount on 
orders of 10 or more.

**1996 Annual Report of the Great Lakes Panel on Aquatic Nuisance 
Species. Summarizes current initiatives and accomplishments of the Great 
Lakes Panel. Includes policy positions, an information and education 
strategy, recommendations on funding and program issues, and updates from 
other entities working on ANS issues. Covers the period September 1995 
through August 1996. 33 pages, plus appendices. Cost: $5 U.S./$7 Can.

All publications are available upon request from the Great Lakes 
Commission, 400 Fourth Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48103; phone 313-665-9135, 
fax 313-665-4370, email: mdoss@glc.org.


The Great Lakes Panel on Aquatic Nuisance Species was established under 
the provisions of the federal Nonindigenous Aquatic Nuisance Prevention 
and Control Act of 1990. The panel supports and coordinates ANS 
prevention and control efforts in the Great Lakes Basin and advises the 
national ANS Task Force, federal agencies and Congress on ANS-related 
legislation, policy and program matters. With membership drawn from a 
wide range of federal, state, provincial and regional agencies, private 
sector user groups, Sea Grant programs and environmental organizations, 
the panel provides a balanced, regional perspective on Great Lakes ANS 
issues. The Great Lakes Commission, a nonpartisan, interstate compact 
agency, provides staff support to the panel.

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