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Windsor Day of Action

Windsor Day of Action, October 17, 1997


On Friday, October 17, 1997 there will be a job action and mass
protest/rally to close work sites in the area of Windsor.  This action,
known as the Windsor Day of Action, is part of a continuing series of city
wide shutdowns promoted by the Ontario Federation of Labour and the Ontario
Coalition for Social Justice.  

The intent of this action and previous actions in the cities of London,
Hamilton, Kitchener-Waterloo, Peterborough, Toronto, Sudbury, Thunder Bay,
and North Bay has been to resist the Government of Ontario's attempts to
destroy citizens' social right to a clean environment, health care,
education, employment, safe workplaces, and a living wage.  The Harris
government has demonstrated through its legislative agenda that it acts as
an agent of big business and an elite few.  

Budget cuts to social services such as environmental monitoring, hospitals,
public education and welfare are designed to steal from the poor and give to
the rich in the form of tax breaks, and release corporations and investors
from minimal social obligations.  We have also seen the Harris government
centralize political power, at the expense of the public interest, through
the initiation of actions such as amalgamation and restructuring in the
municipal, educational and general public service sectors.  These and other
actions have revealed a fundamental lack of democratic sensibilities within
the Government, and their supporters' ranks.   

The powerful and privileged will not give up anything unless the people
struggle and demand their social rights.  History has shown, repeatedly,
that civil disobedience and mass action achieves positive results. We seek
to eradicate an undemocratic, socially unjust, business as usual strategy.
We also desire, through this direct action campaign, to build a long lasting
organization of resistance against any future attempts to undermine
citizens' social rights.

How can you help?

- come to the action (there will be several events preceeding the main job
- have your group formally endorse Windsor's Day of Action
- help as a volunteer with the organizing committee (contact information

*Official Opening of Day of Action Centre, Wednesday Sept. 24, 3:00 pm.
477 Pelissier St. Windsor Suite 5.  

Derek Coronado
Day of Action Community Group Coordinator
477 Pelissier St.  Windsor, ON  N9A 4L2
Phone 519-254-1331  Fax 519-254-9009
e-mail: riccawu@mnsi.net
Web Page http://www.netcore.ca/~rspring/wdlc/