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E.D. job opening

River Watch Network is looking for an Executive Director. Below is the job announcement and description. Please circulate among your network. Thanks!
-Margaret Gibson

153 State Street, Montpelier, VT  05602
802/223-3840 (phone)
802/223-6227 (fax)
riverwatch@rwn.igc.org (email)
http://www.riverwatch.org (website)

Executive Director - Job Description


Executive Director  River Watch Network (RWN) seeks hands-on,
experienced Director with vision, creativity, proven fundraising
ability and understanding of contemporary issues surrounding
nonprofit organizations. RWN is a national nonprofit assisting
a wide range of organizations in establishing and strengthening
community river monitoring and protection programs. It has
a small, highly effective staff. Looking for candidates with
experience in fundraising, budgeting, financial management,
staff management, organizational development, strategic
planning and assisting staff in program development and
management. Salary 50K with benefits, negotiable. Cover
letter, resume and references to: Search Committee,
c/o Margaret Gibson, River Watch Network, 153 State
Street, Montpelier, Vermont 05602,
email: riverwatch@rwn.igc.org. Deadline Oct. 15


       Understand social, political, cultural, technological and
economic context surrounding RWN and other nonprofit
organizations and the challenges and opportunities they present.
       Shape program direction and content:
*       Work with staff to fit opportunities to support and develop
program direction.
       Develop and cultivate network of relationships with leaders
and staff of other non-profit organizations. Establish and
strengthen collaborative work with other organizations.
       Establish and maintain strong communication and
support between board and staff members.
       Support staff in development of their careers and
interests in ways that help achieve RWNs mission.
       Oversee and support ongoing process of strategic planning.
       Develop and maintain a broadminded, diverse and
supportive board membership and structure.
       Understand and effectively communicate RWN image
and message to a broad public through speaking, writing
and a variety of media.

       Assure that RWN budget and financial needs are met
through a diverse funding base:
*       Prepare short and long term fundraising plans.
*       Research and identify funding opportunities among
foundations, individuals, corporate and government
       Foundation grants:
*       Cultivate and maintain relationships with foundation
staff and leaders.
*       Prepare, submit and track funding proposals.
*       Work with staff to prepare program grant reports.
       Develop donor development and recognition strategies
to assure continued and growing support from individual gifts:
*       Develop membership base and process for providing
members with opportunities for closer involvement with RWN
*       Work with Board to identify, cultivate, solicit and upgrade
major donors through letters, calls and personal visits.
*       Work with board to grow RWNs Endowment fund.
       Corporate support:
*       Cultivate and maintain relationships with corporate
leaders and staff
*       Prepare, submit and track funding proposals
*       Work with staff to prepare grant reports
       Government grants:
*       Work with staff to identify and apply for government
*       Maintain and cultivate relationships with government officials
*       Work with staff to prepare grant reports.
       Seek out opportunities for marketing RWN products and
*       Work with staff to revise and implement marketing strategy.
       Keep informed on laws and regulations that affect individual
charitable giving.

       Strengthen team approach among staff in carrying out
projects and coordinating workplans:
*       Work with staff to develop and periodically adjust work plans
*       Work with staff to review and adjust program goals and tasks.
*       Conduct annual performance review with each staff person.
Meet periodically throughout year to discuss progress and challenges.
       Maintain communication among staff, continually look at
the big picture and provide critical assessments to keep team
work and collaborative processes moving forward
       Practice sound fiscal management:
*       Prepare annual budgets for board discussion and adoption.
Track and manage income and expenses and provide quarterly
budget reports.
*       Oversee RWN salary and benefits package and personnel
policies and adjust as needed.