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National Ocean Sciences Bowl - Midwest Regional Competition




               FEBRUARY 28, 1998



--     What is it?

The NOSB is a nationwide academic competition among teams of high school
students. Regional competitions will be held around the U.S. in February
1998 with the final national competition held in Washington, DC in April.
The NOSB will test student math and science skills as applied to topics on
ocean (and Great Lakes) biology, chemistry, geology, physics, technology,
history, and economics.  

--     When / Where will it be held?

The Midwest Regional Competition of the NOSB will be held on Saturday,
February 28 at the Francois Xavier Bagnoud Center, College of Engineering,
University of Michigan North Campus, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

--     Who competes?  

High school teams of four students, one alternate and a coach will compete
in 18-minute-long rapid-fire question-and-answer matches during the day-long
round-robin, double elimination competition.

--     What are the prizes?

The Midwest Regional Competition will award trophies, medals and other
prizes to top-finishers.  The overall winning team of the Midwest Regional
Competition wins a paid trip to Washington, DC in April to compete in the
National Ocean Sciences Bowl finals.  The grand prize for the winning team
in the National Ocean Sciences Bowl is a paid trip to attend the Expo '98
exhibition in Lisbon, Portugal during summer 1998.  Other prizes of the NOSB
finals are expected to include cruises on oceanographic research vessels,
visits to oceanographic research laboratories, computer hardware/software
for winning team's school, scientific equipment and laboratory supplies,
scholarships, endowments, t-shirts, trophies, and medals.

--     How to enter?

Only one team entry per school is permitted.  The Midwest Regional
Competition will be limited to 16 teams.  Team entry in the event will be
approved on a first-come/first serve basis.  Teams must complete and submit
all required entry forms to be approved for entry into the event.  Entry
forms will be accepted only through November 7, 1997 and entry will be
subject to availability of unfilled slots remaining in the competition.
Entry forms and additional information can be obtained from:

Mike Quigley 
MRC Coordinator
Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory
2205 Commonwealth Blvd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48105-2945
TEL: 313 741-2149
FAX: 313 741-2003
email: Michael.A.Quigley@noaa.gov

--     Who hosts / coordinates it?

Midwest Regional Hosts  --

Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory (GLERL), NOAA
Cooperative Institute for Limnology and Ecosystems Research (CILER)
Michigan Sea Grant Program

National Hosts/Coordinators  --

Consortium for Oceanographic Research and Education (CORE)
National Marine Educators Association (NMEA)

National Sponsors  --

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Office of Naval Research
Oceanographer of the Navy
National Science Foundation
National Aeronautics and Space Administration

        "The National Ocean Sciences Bowl provides a unique opportunity 
        to help promote literacy in science and mathematics through
        gaining a fundamental understanding of our greatest natural 
        resource, the world's oceans.

        This educational project will also, for the first time, begin
        to forge a stronger link between the oceanographic research
        institutions and their neighboring communities of K-12 teachers
        and students."

        ADM James D. Watkins
        U.S. Navy, Retired
        President, Consortium for Oceanographic Research and Education