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Appropriations Update


On November 13, The House and Senate approved the final appropriations 
conference reports.  Of particular interest to the Great Lakes region:

Thanks to efforts of the Great Lakes delegation and supporting letters to 
conferees, the conference report preserved the Senate allocation of $6 
million for the Great Lakes Environmental Research Lab (NOAA/GLERL).

National Sea Grant received $56 million, an increase of 3% over FY 1997 

The Marine Sanctuaries program received a substantial funding increase 
(20%) bringing the program allocation to $14 million.  This level should 
provide sufficient funds to proceed with the designation of the first Great 
Lakes sanctuary, at Thunder Bay. 

The Coastal Ocean Program also received a substantial infusion (13%) 
bringing the program total to $17.2 million.

The National Coastal Zone Management Program grants program received an 
increase (8%) in funding, bringing the program total to $49.7 million.

The Great Lakes Fishery Commission received level funding - $8.353 million.

The International Joint Commision received a small cut (1%) at a funding 
level of $3.189 million.

For more information contact:
Rochelle Sturtevant
Senate Great Lakes Task Force