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GLNPO Request for Preproposals through "FY98-99 Great Lakes Priorities and Funding

USEPA's Great Lakes National Program Office (GLNPO) is now requesting
the submission of preproposals for GLNPO funding.  This request is part
of the FY98-99 Great Lakes Priorities and Funding Guidance (Funding
Guidance).  The Great Lakes Funding Guidance identifies Great Lakes
priorities, solicits Preproposals for assistance projects, and describes
other Federal Great Lakes funding opportunities.  The deadline for
submission of Preproposals is January 15, 1998.

Please look at
for all the details!

GLNPO is requesting Preproposals for a total of up to $3.7 million in
funding targeted to:
  -  Contaminated Sediments ($1.4 million)
  -  Pollution Prevention ($700 thousand)
  -  Assessment/Indicators ($200 thousand)
  -  Habitat Protection and Restoration ($1.1 million)
  -  Exotic Species ($300 thousand)

Funding targets are subject to change for various reasons, including
Congressional and Agency action.

The Funding Guidance also includes a "roadmap" describing some of the
other Federal funding available for Great Lakes environmental priorities
through USEPA, the Natural Resources Conservation Service, the Fish and
Wildlife Service, and the Army Corps of Engineers.

DOCUMENT AVAILABILITY:  Copies of the Great Lakes Funding Guidance are
being mailed to a group which includes the to recipients of last year's
mailing and others who have requested copies.  To be added to our
distribution list, please contact Larry Brail,
brail.lawrence@epamail.epa.gov.  The Great Lakes Funding Guidance is
also available from the GLNPO home page:

Office, 77 West Jackson Blvd., G-17J, Chicago, IL 60604 Attention:
Michael Russ (phone: 312-886-4013; E-mail: