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Sept/Oct ADVISOR now online!

What effect is the search for sustainability having on the Great Lakes
regional economy? 

Find out in the Sept/Oct edition of the ADVISOR, the bimonthly
newsletter of the Great Lakes Commission. Online at

Other features:

"Science vessels on the Great Lakes: Exploring new avenues for
communication and coordination"--Includes a map and corresponding list
of Great Lakes science vessels and their home ports, and a series of
recommendations generated by participants at a Great Lakes Science
Vessel Coordination Workshop held in March.

*Selected policy actions from the Annual Meeting of the Great Lakes
Commission, held Oct. 1-3 in Chicago

*The latest news from the Great Lakes Dredging Team

*The Maritime Forum's Person of the Year

In the AROUND THE LAKES section, learn more about

* The Keweenaw Current, a massive river of moving water in Lake Superior
* IL-IN Sea Grant, recently named the nationís 27th Sea Grant College
* The lakes' newest cruise ship, the C. Columbus

Also read a special tribute to Carol Ratza, GLIN Director and
longstanding program manager at the Great Lakes Commission, who passed
away Sept. 9.

The ADVISOR is available online via the Great Lakes Commission's home
page at http://www.glc.org. Check under Hot Topics for the latest
issue. For back issues, select Publications, Newsletters, then ADVISOR.
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