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Activity Update #10
November 21, 1997
These items have been added to our web-site in the recent weeks:

Are the nations taxpayers waking up? While politicians continue to
ignore economic studies and opinion polls, voters in Pittsburg,
Minnesota and Columbus are not "buying into" the deceptive claims that
stadiums are an economic development bonanza. Recommended reading: Wall
Street Journal editorial of 11/12/97 "Thrown for a Loss"

USA TODAY: Today's Debate: Paying for Stadiums -- November 4, 1997
Copyright 1997, USA TODAY. Reprinted with permission
Reprinted with permission of Mr. Joe Brown, National Football League
The text of the act can be found at:

Joseph L. Bast of the Heartland Institute writes in a recent publication
on the Stadium Funding Phenomenon. The article entitled "Sports Stadium
Madness: Still Ripping Off Taxpayers." The text can be found at:

Columbus Dispatch reporter Brian Williams reports "Expert: Stadium can
be an economic tool." Excerpt: Sports facilities by themselves will not
revitalize downtowns, but done correctly they can be an important
component, the head of a Cincinnati civic organization said at an urban
research conference yesterday. The article:

The text of recent USA TODAY editorial: "How you pay $$$ for stadiums
far, far away" can be found at

Mac Holladay, Chief Executive Officer of Market Street Services, Inc.
writes about states seeking to build a stronger economy need to
understand what really works. The full text of this article can be found
at: http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/2817/mholladay.htm

Governing Magazine "The Devil in Devolution" By Alan Ehrenhalt is an
editorial on the collective irresponsibility of states in perpetuating
and escalating the economic development incentive wars and raising the
question of whether states might engage in such uncontrolled competition
in other areas of government programs with a resulting negative
"systemic impact" on the nation and individual states. The article is
based on "Disunited States" a book by Harvard public policy scholar,
John D. Donahue. The text of the act can be found at:

Neal R. Peirce writes for the Washington Post "Business Subsidies:
Booming at the Worst Time." The text can be found at

Jen Benedeetti writes "Effort aims to find what's fair for all in
business incentives." 
Excerpt: There's a tug of war going on between states, communities and
companies. The prize often is a tax break or other such incentive to
lure a company to move to an area, or to keep that company from moving
away. The game is not one even all the players particularly like.  The
text can be found at: http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/2817/jeff.htm

The Ohio General Assembly has revised a program to provide capital to
small Ohio based research and development related businesses - Venture
Capital. Specifically the bill provides a tax credit for investors who
provide capital for small, Ohio-based research and development and
technology transfer companies. The text of the act can be found at:

Michael S. Fogarty - Ameritech Professor of Regional Economics at Case
Western Reserve University writes "Picking a Future - Should Ohio
Increase its Investments into Higher Education?" The report was prepared
for the Ohio Board of Regents.  The text can be found at

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