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Dear Glin Folks:

I am working on a case study of GLIN as a "best practise" in 
public communications via the WWW and Internet. This is part of a 
course requirement for a Master of Science in Communications 
Management from Syracuse University. Paula McIntyre at the Great 
Lakes Commission has already provided a lot of useful information 
and pointers, but I could also use your help as the people who 
actually make up the network.

I would very much appreciate your responses to the short questions 
below (take as much or as little space as you like) by Tuesday, Dec. 
9. Please send your replies to me at: edgettr@netaccess.on.ca

In return for your participation, I will be happy to provide you with 
a summary of the case study report. Just indicate with your reply 
that you'd like one.

1. How does GLIN help your organization meet its communications 

2. Do you measure the communications results that you achieve through 
GLIN -- either quantitatively or qualitatively? If so, what do they 
tell you about GLIN's effectiveness?

3. Can you think of any GLIN management practises that stand out as 
particularly effective? (The 4 general management functions are: 
planning & decision making, organizing, leading and controlling)

4. Can you think of any GLIN management practises that could be 

5. Can you describe a particular experience with GLIN (either 
using listservs or WWW sites) that stands out in your mind as a 
particularly effective -- or ineffective -- use of the communication 

6. Do you wish your responses to these questions to be kept strictly 

Thank you for participating in this research. Your responses will 
help make this case study as accurate as possible.