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Urgent Alert!

Republican Governor of Minnesota, Arne Carlson wants to build
a military park featuring the Des Moines Cruiser(over 700 ft. long and over
10 stories high) in the St. Louis Harbor which is at the headwaters of Lake
Superior. This warship is filled with aspestos, lead and PCB's.
In addition, contaminated sediments in the harbor will have to be
dredged to allow a ship of this size to berth in Duluth.  Preliminary
estimates range between 10-20 million dollars will be spent to bring
this ship to Duluth, Minnesota.  This is an environmental nightmare!
This is a boondoggle.

What can you do?

Email the following MN Congressional delegates and the MN Governor
and let them know that you do not support a warship(that never saw
active duty) and that is filled with environmental hazardous waste
to be docked in Duluth at the headwaters to the Great Lakes!
senator@wellstone.senate.gov (Senator Paul Wellstone),
oberstar@hr.house.gov (Rep. James Oberstar),
gil@hr.house.gov (Rep. Gil Gutknecht),
dminge@hr.house.gov (Rep. David Minge),
mn03@hr.house.gov (Rep. Jim Ramstad),
vento@hr.house.gov (Rep. Bruce Vento),
(Rep. Martin Sabo),
tellbill@hr.house.gov (Rep. Bill Luther),
tocollin@hr.house.gov (Rep. Collin C. Peterson),

Thanks, your efforts will be appreciated.

Debbie Ortman
3547 Haines Rd
Hermantown  MN  55811
(218) 722-2421

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