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Indiana DNR news release: Lake group on course for next meeting

Steve Sellers, Division of Public Information, 317/233-3046
Jim Ray, Division of Soil Conservation, 317/233-3871

Governor’s Lakes Management Work Group
on course for next meeting

	The Indiana Lakes Management Work Group, assembled to hear lake users’
concerns and make recommendations to the Indiana General Assembly, will meet
at 10 a.m., Dec. 17, at the Indiana Government Center in Indianapolis.
	The 26-member group was established by the Indiana General Assembly this
year, and its members are appointed by the Gov. Frank O’Bannon.
	The group, whose diverse membership reflects concerns of lake users from all
across the state, welcomes public participation and written comment, and will
meet monthly during the next two years.
	Written comments can be directed to the committee by contacting Jim Ray at
317/233-3870 and by eMail at Jim_ Ray_at_dnrlan@ima.isd.state.in.us.
	Lake users, state agencies, and university researchers are working together
to solve problems related to boat traffic, real estate values, fishing, and
water quality on lakes and reservoirs across Indiana.
	Senator Bob Meeks chaired the first meeting Nov. 13 by emphasizing that the
group will address lake issues through open discussion that involves the
public and focuses on identifying critical problems and developing effective solutions.
	“Solutions proposed by this group must have buy-in from local planners and
lake leaders in order to succeed,” said Mark GiaQuinta from Ft. Wayne. Initial
meetings are being held in Indianapolis. Future meetings may be held in
various parts of the state to address particular issues.
	Formation of the lake group presents the first opportunity for agencies and
local organizations to face lake issues in a comprehensive and coordinated
fashion. “Lake residents are familiar with the numerous problems that are
common to all lakes and want to work toward their own solutions, but may need
guidance from other lake groups, agencies and university experts,” said Bob
Madden, manager of the Lake Lemon Conservancy District (Monroe County).