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Indiana DNR news release: otter release dates, information meetings


Kathy Quimbach, Division of Fish and Wildlife, 317/232-4080 or
Scott Johnson, Division of Fish and Wildlife, 812/334-1137

River otter releases set for 1998
Public information meetings Jan. 3-4

	The Indiana Department of Natural Resources will release 76 river otters into
Indiana waterways in late January or early February 1998. The public is
invited to attend information meetings on Jan. 3-4, outlining the river otter
reintroduction project.
	The reintroduction project is part of the DNR’s wildlife diversity efforts to
re-establish populations of endangered native species such as the river otter.
Thriving once in Indiana, river otters disappeared from the state in the 1940s.
	Thanks to financial contributions, the DNR has released otters statewide
since 1995. Additional otters are needed to create a healthy population base.
The project’s continuation depends upon donations to the state Endangered
Wildlife Tax Checkoff or the otter sponsorship program.
	The first meeting is 2 p.m., Jan. 3, at the Honeywell Center in Wabash, Ind.
The meeting focuses on the release to take place at Salamonie Reservoir in
Andrews, Ind. For directions to the Honeywell Center, contact the center at 219/563-1102.
	The second meeting is at 2 p.m., Jan. 4, at the Maplewood Nature Center near
Mongo, Ind. The meeting will cover information about the otter release at the
Pigeon River Fish and Wildlife Area in Mongo, Ind. For directions to the
Maplewood Nature Center, call 219/463-4022.
	For updates on the Indiana river otter reintroduction project, call the otter
hotline at 317/232-4002 or visit the DNR Division of Fish and Wildlife’s
website on the Internet.