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Re: List-Serve Misuse

I would like to add my voice to that of Nils Halker.  I realize that it is
difficult to control this sort of electronic opportunism, but surely it is
not appropriate for this important forum to be abused in this way.

Tom Darvill

         Thomas J. Darvill, Ph.D.            Associate Professor
         Director, Oswego Newborn and Infant Development Project  
       Department of Psychology, 402 Mahar Hall SUNY, Oswego 13126
    VOICE:  (315) 341-3473 (office)              FAX: (315) 341-6274
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            (315) 341-4013 (psych. dept. secretary) 
                        e-mail:  darvill@Oswego.EDU

On Mon, 15 Dec 1997, Nils Halker wrote:

> I received a list-wide posting dated Sat, 13 December, from "Uplink, Inc."
> This looks to be an unsolicited advertisment; does GLIN have a policy
> regarding the use/misuse of this list for advertising purposes?  If it does
> not, I strongly suggest one be instituted to prevent the use of this list
> by commercial interests.
> Nils Halker
> Science Museum of Minnesota