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Great Lakes Water Quality Board Sediment White Paper

There is a consensus among diverse sectors in the Great Lakes
Basin that contaminated sediment is a major cause of
environmental problems and a key factor in many of the
impairments to beneficial uses of the Great Lakes.  Based on
application of chemical guidelines, all 42 Great Lakes Areas of
Concern have contaminated sediment.  Contaminated sediment is
being addressed in Remedial Action Plans (RAPs) and lakewide
management plans (LaMPs), and is known to be an issue in other
areas of the Great Lakes Basin.  In recognition of the scope of this
problem and the limited progress in addressing it, the IJC
identified contaminated sediment as a priority for the 1995-1997
biennial cycle.  A sediment white paper has been produced which
summarizes the contaminated sediment problem, specifies key
obstacles, and identifies options to address them.  It specifically
identifies very important, value-added contributions the IJC could
make to help address current obstacles to sediment remediation. 

The report can be accessed at: