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CELRD-GL-E-EW-Q                                              December 30, 1997

                  Calendar of Environmental Meetings,
                 Workshops, Symposia and Conferences
                              (* new listings)

                               - 1998 -

*  January 16-17 - New York Great Lakes Research Consortium
Student/Faculty Conference, in Syracuse, NY.  POC: www.esf.edu/glrc

*  January 20-22 - Workshop to Evaluate Application of Toxicity
Equivalent Factors (TEFs) of 2, 3, 7, 8-TCDD to the Assessment of Risks
from Polychlorinated Dioxins, Furnas and Biphenyls to Terrestrial and
Aquatic Life, sponsored by USEPA, in Chicago, IL.  POC: 781-674-7374

*  January 29-30 - Joint Binational Meeting of Lake Superior Task Force,
Workgroup and Forum, in Marquette, MI.  POC:

*  February 2-4 - 6th International Forum on Environmental Technologies;
Entering the Global Remeidation Marketplace, sponsored by USEPA and
USDOC, in Dallas, TX.  POC: jo-ann.m.saville@cpmx.saic.com

*  February 9-12 - National Conference; Retrofit Opportunities for Water
Resource Protection in Urban Environments, sponsored by USEPA, Illinois
EPA and Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission, in Chicago, IL.
POC: Bob Kirschner, 312-454-0400

*  February 11 - Binational Executive Committee meeting, in Toronto,
Ontario.  POC: elster.mark@epamail.epa.gov

*  March 8-11 - Ports  98, Specialty Conference, sponsored by ASCE and
PIANC, in Long Beach, CA.  POC: conf@asce.org

*  March 12 - Great Lakes Congressional Breakfast, sponsored by Great
Lakes Commission, in Washington, DC.  POC: sthorp@glc.org

*  March 12-13 - Meeting of Great Lakes Committee, National Association
of Conservation Districts (NACD), in Chicago, IL.  POC: Bill Horvath,

March 16-19 - Eighth International Zebra Mussel and Aquatic Nuisance
Species Conference, sponsored by USACE, EPA, California Sea Grant, et
al., in Sacramento, CA.  POC: profedge@renc.igs.net

*  March 18-19 - USACE Zebra Mussel Research Program Review, in
Sacremento, CA.  POC: edwin.a.theriot@usace.army.mil

March 20-29 - Wetlands Engineering and River Restoration, a specialty
conference sponsored by the ASCE, in Denver, CO.  POC:

March 31-April 1 - Fifth Meeting of Great Lakes Dredging Team, in Ann
Arbor, MI.   POC: sthorp@glc.org

April 2-3 - Semiannual Meeting of Great Lakes Commission, in Ann Arbor,
MI.  POC: mdonahue@glc.org

*  April 5-9 - The Fourteenth International Hazardous Material Spills
Conference, sponsored by USEPA, Great Lakes Commission, et al, in
Chicago, IL.  POC:  tcrane@glc.org

April 19-23 - First Federal Interagency Hydrologic Modeling Conference,
theme: "Bridging the gap between technology and implementation of
surface water quantity and quality models in the next century," in Las
Vegas, NV.  POC:  ming.tseng@usace.army.mil

*  April 20-23 - Eighth ASTM E47 Symposium on Environmental
Toxicology and Risk Assessment, in Atlanta, GA.  POC:

May 3-6 - Watershed Management: Moving from Theory to
Implementation, a specialty conference sponsored by the Water
Environment Federation, in Denver, CO.  POC: gmcnelly@wef.org

May 3-6 - National Conference on Environmental Decision Making,
sponsored by National Center for Environmental Decision Making
Research, in Knoxville, TN.  POC: 423-974-0280,

* May 4-8 - USACE Dredging Research Program Reviews (LEDO and
DOER), in St. Louis, MO.  POC: thomas.r.patin@usace.army.mil

May 18-22 - 41st Annual Conference on Great Lakes Research, sponsored
by the International Association for Great Lakes Research, in Hamilton,
Ontario.  CALL FOR PAPERS until 15 Dec 97.  POC: iaglrbus@ismi.net

* May 18-22 - USACE Ecosystem Management/Wetlands Research
Program Reviews, in Vicksburg, MS.   POC:

May 27-30 - Seventh International Symposium on Society and Natural
Resource Management, in Columbia, MO, POC: Sandy Rikoon (Rural
Sociology), ssrsjsr@muccmail.missouri.edu  or Charlie Nilon (Fisheries &
Wildlife), snrnilon@mizzou1.missouri.edu

* May 29-31 - Annual General Meeting of Great Lakes United, in
Milwaukee, WI.  POC: glu@igc.org

June 2-4 - USACE Biennial Water Quality Seminar, in Kansas City, MO.
POC: robert.c.gunkel@usace.army.mil

June 6-10 - 25th Annual Conference on Water Resources Planning and
Management, sponsored by American Society of Civil Engineers, in
Chicago, IL.  POC: 800-548-2723

June 6-10 - 1998 National Conference on Environmental Engineering, in
Chicago, IL.  POC: Dr. Cecil Lue-Hing, 312-751-5190.

June 28-July 2 - World Dredging Congress, WODCON XV, in Las Vegas,
NV.  POC: Larry Patella, 503-285-5521

* July 8-10 - Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Mayors' Conference, in Windsor,
Ontario.  POC:

*  October 19-20 - Annual Meeting of Great Lakes Commission, in Buffalo,
NY.  POC: mdonahue@glc.org

*  October 21-23 - State of the Lakes Ecosystem Conference (SOLEC),
sponsored by USEPA and Environment Canada, in Buffalo, NY.  POC:

*  November 15-19 - SETAC 19th Annual Meeting, theme: The Natural
Connection: Environmental Integrity and Human Health, sponsored by
Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC), in
Charlotte, NC.  POC: rparrish@setac.org

                                  - 1999 -

*  March 21-25 - 217th National Meeting, Americal Chemical Society, in
Anaheim, CA.  CALL FOR PAPERS until 1 Nov 98.  POC:

* April 18-22 - Ninth ASTM E47 Symposium on Environmental Toxicology
and Risk Assessment, in Seattle, WA.  POC: chris_ingersoll@usgs.gov

*  September 13-17 - 8th International Symposium on the Interactions
Between Sediments and Water, sponsored by the International Association
for Sediment Water Science, in Beijing, China.  CALL FOR PAPERS until
1 Nov 98.  POC: jsc@urbanms.urban.pku.edu.cn

*  November 14-18 - SETAC 20th Annual Meeting, in Philadelphia, PA.
POC: rparrish@setac.org

This calendar is an unofficial compilation of environmental meetings,
seminars, conferences, workshops, and symposia distributed over email
monthly by the Corps of Engineers, Great Lakes & Ohio River Division.  If
you have an event to be listed, or want to be added to the distribution, send
a message to: jan.a.miller@usace.army.mil

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