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Environmental Action Alert!

This is a new environmental action alert!

We need people to: sign the petition below; write letters to the editor;
write the Duluth City Council - to help our fight against
the Des Moines cruiser project being proposed for Duluth's waterfront.  If
you are a veteran, let me know because we are
looking for veterans to be listed in an ad against the Des Moines.

The Governor of Minnesota, Arne Carlson wants to build
a military park featuring the Des Moines Cruiser(a warship over 700 ft.
long and over 10 stories high) in the St. Louis harbor, on Duluth's
waterfront,  which is at the headwaters of Lake Superior.

It has been confirmed by Craig Lincoln, news reporter for the Duluth News
Tribune (12/28/97 article)that the Des Moines warship does contain
asbestos(wrapped around pipes), lead paint, mercury, PCB's(in electrical
transformers) and toxic butyl-tin compounds(paint on the outside of the
hull) and that a significant amount of contaminated harbor sediment will
need to be dredged. According to Joseph Lombardi, a consultant hired by the
Navy, asbestos and PCB's will not be removed but will either be covered or

Preliminary estimates range between 10-20 million dollars will be spent to
remediate the environmental hazards and bring this ship to Duluth,
Minnesota from Philadelphia.  This is an environmental nightmare and waste
of taxpayers dollars! This cruiser was decommissioned in 1961 and was never
involved in WWll. 

Craig Lincoln was able to obtain under the Freedom of Information Act
documents from the MN DNR that confirm these substances are
on the Des Moines and that they will need to be removed or

What can you do?

1) Sign the below statement and email it back to me, we need
your name or organizations name and address, indicate if you are
a vet:

We, the undersigned, oppose the use of public funds to bring the heavy
cruiser Des Moines to Duluth's Bayfront.  We urge our legislators, city
councilors, and other public officials to take action to prevent this
misallocation of taxpayers' dollars:

2) Send a message to the Duluth City Council and Mayor stating that you are
opposed to the Des Moines cruiser being docked in Duluth's harbor as part
of a military "theme" park.
Their email addresses:(Lynn Hardesty)lhardesty@ci.duluth.mn.us,
(Ken Hogg)khogg@ci.duluth.mn.us,
(Yvonne Prettner Solon)ysolon@ci.duluth.mn.us,
(Marcia Hales)mhales@ci.duluth.mn.us,
(Scott Keenan)skeenan@ci.duluth.mn.us,(Isobel
(Greg Gilbert)ggilbert@ci.duluth.mn.us,
(Patty Edwards)pedwards@ci.duluth.mn.us,
(Dale Swapinski)dswapinski@ci.duluth.mn.us,
(Mayor Doty)gdoty@ci.duluth.mn.us,
(Karl Nollenberger)knollenberger@ci.duluth.mn.us

3) Send a letter to the editor of the Duluth News Tribune,
expressing your concerns about this proposed project 
Send: (Letters to the Editor)newstrib@duluth.infi.net
Point to make:
- environmental hazards
- costly waste of taxpayers money
- visual blight on our waterfront

Environmental Assoc. for Great Lakes Education
394 Lake Ave. South, #308
Duluth, MN 55802
(218) 726-1828
email: lakes@cp.duluth.mn.us
Debbie Ortman and Jan Conley
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EAGLE: http://www.cp.duluth.mn.us/~lakes/eagle.html
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