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Re: APA call for information

Michael Davidson wrote:
> I work in research at the American Planning Association in Chicago and will
> be doing some writing for one of our monthly publications.  I need
> information on residential development along former industrial waterfront
> properties.  The waterfronts do not necessarily have to be exclusive to the
> Great Lakes, although the industrial nature of many Great Lakes communities
> makes them an ideal case study.  I would like to focus on smaller and
> medium-sized communities rather than large cities who have the resources to
> undergo extensive waterfront renewal projects.
> I am interested in the steps and processes involved in making industrial
> property inhabitable for residences. What are some of the great success
> stories? How can small and medium-sized communities make such a transition?
> Can residential areas co-exist with working waterfronts? What are the
> greatest land-use issues associated with this? How do local planners
> facilitate the process?
> I am under severe time constraints, and need your comments and suggestions
> ASAP.  If you are aware of any readily accessible publications, web sites,
> and the like, on this issue, please let me know.  Also, if you happen to
> know a thing or two on this subject, feel free to comment via e-mail.  Is
> there a Water Works 1997 publication available?--this would be a recent
> edition of the 1991 publication that was put out by either the Great Lakes
> Commission or the Center for the Great Lakes.
> Thank you for your comments and suggestions
> Mike Davidson, Research Associate, Assistant Editor, Zoning News
> American Planning Association
> 122 South Michigan Avenue, Suite 1600
> Chicago, Illinois 60603

Michael, have you looked at cities along Lake Michigan like Grand Haven,
Holland, Muskegon, South Haven, Benten Harbor or Traverse City or
Petoskey Michigan with the concern to what is going to happen to our
great lakes it would be good to look at what these communities are