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FY98 USEPA GLNPO Funding Preproposals

As the time draws close to the January 15,
1998 deadline for submission of FY98
Great Lakes Preproposals to the USEPA
Great Lakes National Program Office, we
wanted to make prospective users of the 
Preproposal Submission Software aware of
some late-breaking news about potential
pitfalls and how to avoid them.  

We apologize to any of you who has had
problems using the software and thank you
for your problem reports and comments on
ways to improve the process.

Please watch out for the following 3

1.  CAUTION: Before attempting to print
out your preproposal, make sure you have
closed the input window by clicking on the
"I'm Done Entering/Editing This
Preproposal" button. If you don't do this
and you attempt to print what you have
entered, you may lose your work!  The
"I'm Done Entering/Editing This
Preproposal" button serves as the "Save"
button to save what you have entered thus

2.  We are aware of an error in the
Preproposal Submission Software, PSS,
that prevents correctly entering the
Approved Indirect Cost Rate.  Rather than
attempting to distribute an updated program
at this late date, we have decided on the
following solution: Please pencil in this
number on the hard-copies you submit,
leaving this field blank in the electronic
version.  If you didn't notice the problem
and have already submitted your
preproposals, you don't need to re-submit
them, since the rate information is not
critical at the preproposal stage and can be
approximated from the other budget figures
you will be providing. 

3. We have gotten some preproposal
submissions with the wrong files attached. 
The one and only file that you need to
Email us as an attachment or send us on a
floppy disk is "APPLY.TPS". 

And, of course, please be sure to read the
entire README.WRI file that comes with
the software before you start to use it.

Further information about the FY 98
Funding process is available on GLNPO's
Web Site at <http://www.epa.gov/glnpo>.