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14th International Hazardous Material Spills Conference

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 5 will host the
14th International Hazardous Material Spills Conference at the Palmer
House Hilton in Chicago, Illinois on April 5-9, 1998.  The biannual
conference includes technical and skills-training sessions, current
case-study presentations, plus an exhibition area and unique special

The Great Lakes Commission is cosponsoring the conference along with
several other organizations and agencies, including the Spill Control
Association of America, Chemical Manufacturers Association, National
Governors Association, Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, and
Illinois Emergency Management Agency.

The conference theme is "Risk Management:  Closing the Loop."  The
conference offers extensive skills-training and career development
opportunities for people in all facets of the public safety, contingency
planning, and emergency response professions.

More than 30 sessions will be offered during the 5-day event.  Topics
include:  risk management planning for state and local emergency
response commissions, OSHA 8-hour awareness training, managing abandoned
vessels and barges, coordinating operations during a terrorist event,
responses in harsh weather conditions, and hands-on training on current
software applications.

A number of case studies will be presented, ranging from a panel
discussion on a train derailment in Ohio to an inside look at EPA's
response to methyl parathion ("cotton poison") misuse in Chicago, IL and
Lorain, OH.

Special events include:  tours of the Chicago Fire Department Academy
and the new Chicago 911 Center, and an outdoor exhibition of emergency
response vehicles and equipment in downtown Chicago's Federal Plaza.

For registration and exhibition details via the internet,
http://www.nrt.org/nrt/hazmat98.nsf, or contact Tom Rayburn, Great Lakes
Commission at (734) 665-9135 or by e-mail at tray@glc.org.