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Update #11

Senator Charles Horn
Activity Update #11 - January '98

These items have been added to our web-site or have come to our
attention in the recent weeks:

*	A report from the NCSL Task Force on Economic Incentives will be
available early February '98.  This report, "A Review of State Economic
Development Policy" emphasizes major issues that legislators need to
understand to make effective economic development policy.  Also included
is a lexicon of state economic development incentives that explains,
through examples, the specialized terminology used in the field of
economic development.  The publication will be free to legislators and
staff, and will be available for purchase by all others.  NCSL will make
an official announcement when it is available and we will pass it on to
you.  An Executive Summary is available on our web-site at:

*	NCSL is also assembling a new partnership to examine the
effectiveness of state economic development policies in strengthening
the states' economies.  During the first phase of the project, a select
number of legislators, legislative staff and members of the NCSL
Foundation will focus on the ability of enterprise zones to create new
jobs and economic opportunities in distressed areas.  The Partners
Project members will meet in conjunction with NCSL meetings over the
next year.  Legislators and staff interested in participating in the
project should contact: Laura Loyacono at NCSL  (P) 303 830 2200 or
E-mail laura.loyacono@ncsl.com

*	The Midwestern Legislative Conference (an arm of the Council of
State Governments) will meet in Chicago January 30-31 to examine use of
financial incentives for job creation.  Among those in attendance will
be legislators from 11 Midwestern states.  A focus of discussion will be
the impact of government programs that use tax abatements and other
financial incentives to attract new employers and retain existing ones.
Lawmakers have become increasingly concerned about the benefit of such
policies, and legislation has been introduced at the state and federal
levels to curb their use.  The members of the Economic Development &
Interstate Competition Committee are from Illinois, Indiana, Iowa,
Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota
and Wisconsin.

	The agenda for the meeting includes a discussion of cost-benefit
analysis of incentive programs and the creation of tax expenditure
budgets.  The meetings will be held at the Ambassador West Hotel,
located at 1300 N. State Parkway in Chicago. The Preliminary Agenda for
the CSG MLC January 30-31, 1998 meeting is available at the following
link: www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/2817/csgagenda98.htm

	Legislators and staff interested in participating in the project
should contact:  Laura Tomaka at MLC-CSG  (P) (630) 810-0210 or E-mail

*	The Ohio Economic Incentives Study has released it minutes for
its October 21, 1997 meeting.  Dr. Keon Chi of CSG and Dan Pilcher
(formerly NCSL) gave presentations along with others on incentives and
their uses for other states.  The committee plans to publicize a final
report with policy recommendations on the Ohio Enterprise Zone Program
in February '98.  The text of the minutes:

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*	Audacity Magazine (Fall '95) carries a Frederick Smoler
interview with then Stanford economist Paul Krugman about the systemic
efficiency of nations.  Considering recent events in Asia, the following
quote appears prophetic: "He [Krugman] concluded that the East Asians
are no more of a threat to the U.S. economy than the Soviet Union turned
out to be."  As our economic development strategies are directed at
improving systemic inefficiencies, this article is recommended reading.

*	Terry McIntyre, Vice Chair of the Allegheny County Libertarian
Party writes about Pittsburgh's recent experiences with the "Regional
Renaissance Initiative" in an article entitled "2.7 Million Plans Better
Than 1 Plan."  The text of the article can be found at:

*	San Jose Mercury News Sports Columnist Mary Purdy writes "The
hidden costs can kill you."  The text of this article can be found at

*	Dr. Lawrence Reed, President of the Mackinac Center for Public
Policy in Michigan wrote the following editorial in '95.  "Stadium
Subsidies Strike Out." The text of this article can be found at

*	Neil Peirce writes for the Washington Post Writers Group "Worm
Turns on Stadiums Rip-offs."  The text of the January 11, 1998 column
can be found at the following address:

*	Joanna Cagan and Neil DeMause write about "The Great Stadium
Swindle."  Why are cities from Jackson, Tenn., to the Big Apple spending
millions of public dollars on sports arenas?  Read the full text of the
story at:  www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/2817/greatswindle.htm 

*	Wall Street Journal Article from December 19, 1997 entitled
"Stadium Deals Rarely Add Up to a Good Thing."

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