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Clinton's Clean Water Initiative

>Date: Thu, 29 Jan 1998 14:18:15 -0500
>From: Merritt Frey <cleanwaternt@igc.org>
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>Subject: Clinton's Clean Water Initiative
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>Below are excerpts from the State of the Union address last night in
>which President Clinton refers to the Clinton/Gore Clean Water
>Initiative, that VP Gore announced in Oct. 1997 while the 160 members of
>the Clean Water Network were present to mark the 25th anniversary of the
>Clean Water Act.
>In addition to mentioning the Initiative in his State of the Union
>address last night, briefing materials put out by the White House web
>page say that the President DID challenge Congress to strengthen the
>Clean Water Act, just not in his speech!  Go to the web to find the
>background materials where the White House says that "the President also
>challenges Congress to join him in strengthening the Clean Water Act."
>The address is:  http://www.whitehouse.gov/WH/SOTU98/enviro.html
>CWN members submitted over 200 pages of comments to the Administration
>on this initiative during the public comment period.  We are very
>encouraged that the Administration chose to address cleaning up our
>waters and we are waiting to see what is in the final version of the
>initiative when it is released in two weeks before making press
>statement on it.  We will have a press release available for all CWN to
>use when it is released on Feb. 14.
>Here is an excerpt from Green Sheets 
>The following was excerpted from The Congressional Green Sheets
>Environment and Energy Daily Report dated Jan. 28, 1998.  (Information
>on how to get the Green Sheets is at the end of this message.)
>President Clinton announced in his State of the Union speech Tuesday 
>proposals for a new clean water initiative and $6 billion in tax 
>incentives and research and development spending to encourage new clean 
>energy technologies.
>"Tonight I ask you to join me in launching a new clean water
>Clinton said, "a far-reaching effort to clean our rivers our lakes and 
>our coastal waters for our children."
>Although he gave no details in his address before Congress, a White
>release said the president is asking Congress to strengthen the Clean 
>Water Act, last reauthorized in 1987. His fiscal 1999 budget request
>include new funds for Vice President Gore's action plan to curb farm and 
>urban runoff, reduce toxics in drinking water and promote
>watershed management, the release said.
>Clinton also called for tax incentives to encourage research and 
>development in "innovation, renewable energy, fuel-efficient cars and 
>energy efficient homes."
>Clinton said in his speech that global climate change presents an 
>"overriding environmental challenge ... the gathering crisis," and 
>applauded the international agreement on climate change reached in Kyoto 
>in December. The president said the United States has the economic and 
>political means to begin to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
>"Every time we have acted to heal our environment, pessimists have told 
>us it would hurt the economy," Clinton said. "Well, today our economy is 
>the strongest in a generation and our environment is the cleanest in a 
>generation. We have always found a way to clean the environment and grow 
>the economy at the same time, and when it comes to global warming, we'll 
>do it again."
>Congressional Green Sheets publishes Green Sheets Express? Tuesday 
>through Friday when the U.S. Congress is in session.
>For subscription information, contact Congressional Green Sheets:
>Phone: 202-546-2220 
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>E-mail: express@greensheets.com
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