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Friends Launch BWCAW Listserve!

The Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness maintains an
electronic Boundary Waters Wilderness Update system, which allows us to
quickly update our you via email about issues that affect the BWCA
Wilderness and empowers  you to make a difference in the management of
this precious place.  We send an update via email approximately twice a
month, perhaps more often if needed.  The updates will give you the details
to empower you to act on behalf of the BWCA Wilderness!  The electronic
update service is free of charge.

	The list is solely a newsletter and does not allow postings.  It
does, however, accept submissions from readers about topics that require
action to preserve the BWCA Wilderness and the Superior-Quetico Ecosystem.
This list is moderated by Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness, 1313
Fifth Street SE, Suite 329, Minneapolis, MN 55414, Phone 612-379-3835, Fax

	To subscribe, send an email message to majordomo@friends-bwca.org.
Do not type in the subject field.  In the body of your message, type
<subscribe friends-bwca <your email address>

	Contact me with questions, comments!

Adam M. Sokolski, Outreach Coordinator

Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness
1313 5th Street SE, Suite 329
Minneapolis, MN 55414

<To protect and preserve the wilderness character of the Boundary Waters
Canoe Area Wilderness and the Quetico-Superior Ecosystem through public
advocacy, ecosystem preservation, scientific understanding, user education,
and enhanced public appreciation.>